Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why not?

Why not accept Arlen Specter as a dem? (Be sure to read that Crooks and Liars link--it's hilarious.) He usually votes with the dems anyway.

Of course--he's about 846 years old and not in such great health.

Whatever advantages he gives the dems, I'm kinda failing to see them. Not that I'd kick him back across the aisle or anything; I'm just sayin': the guy looks like he needs to add "of death" after his last name.

So why'd he switch? It could be that he just wanted to distance himself from the party of Satan. Or perhaps he just wanted to get a rise out of Sammy Bareback, who's shocked, just shocked! that Arlen could do such a thing.

So why? He's obviously not that proud of this decision, or he'd have updated his web site, which as of this writing, was still blaring this hedline:
Specter Proposes Innovative Agency to Accelerate Cures for Diseases

That's nice.


GETkristiLOVE said...

Maybe he can find a cure for old age disease...

Claire said...

I'm afraid that PiNYC is right; he really only switched parties to avoid the primary challenge. But I guess we'll take him.

dguzman said...

GKL--on his web site, all his pics are from at least twenty years ago!

PiNY--I've heard that, and it's likely. But if he can keep Toomey (who is a complete douche) out of the Senate, then I'm willing to forgive whatever ass-protection moves he makes.

CDP--yeah--kinda like bland food: it's filling, if not flavorful.

Fran said...

I sat next to Specter on a dais in 1986. He struck me as sincere, for a politician and he actually listened to me.

I have just never forgotten that.

Karen Zipdrive said...

If FranIAm thinks he's okay, then that's good enough for me.