Thursday, July 19, 2012

New lows

Is there anything these crazy wingnuts won't do? No low they won't stoop to?

Apparently not.

First, Mittens has pretty much flat-out refused to release his tax returns, as is the custom when a person is running for public office. Whether or not he's done anything on them that will bite him in the ass is, to my mind, irrelevant. The plain truth is that the guy doesn't think he HAS to release them. He's arrogant enough to believe that he doesn't play by the same rules other people do, even those in that rarified air of presidential politics. But hey, I'm sure that arrogance will serve him well if he's elected (read: appointed) president and he's responsible for helping the 99% he claims so unconvincingly to give a shit about.

Second, Crazy-eyes Jr. Michelle Bachmann (Laura will always be Crazy-eyes Sr.) has been channeling McCarthy and claiming Huma Abedin is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and is thus affecting US foreign policy for the terr-ists. Her bat-shit crazy accusations are completely unsubstantiated and will likely ruffle plenty of feathers in the Middle East as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to push for peace and democracy in Egypt and Israel. I'm sure they're really jazzed about being accused of having a mole in the US government.

Finally, the irrelevant Donald Trump is making a mountain of the molehill of President Obama's college transcripts, demanding the White House release said documents and that, if they don't, then it's obviously a cover-up. Why? To distract from the Romney tax returns, for one, and to highlight the fact that these repug jackasses obviously don't believe a black man could've done all that President Obama did -- graduated from Harvard with an MBA, been the head of the Harvard Law Review, etc. Typical racially motivated bullshit, meant to distract and discredit -- tactics they wouldn't employ against a white president, I'm sure.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let's go for 34!

As you probably already know, the repubs in the House of "Representatives" tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act AGAIN yesterday -- for the (depending on whom you believe; it varied by news source) perhaps 33rd time yesterday. They were, as they had been the last 30-odd times, unsuccessful, despite their blustering about how it's what Amurkans want, and how it's unconstitutional, and every other lie they could think of.

They spent three hours "debating" (read: lying) about the ACA, but in the end they didn't get the votes. AGAIN. Again and again and again.

Meanwhile, what else COULD they have done in those three hours?

I heard someone on a lefty talkshow interviewing a senator from Vermont, where they're doing the ACA one better, going for single-payer at the state level and other such progressive (and smart) ideas. The interviewer asked about places like Texas, where pRick Erry is already saying Texas will opt out of the ACA. The interviewer added that it will likely cost Texas MORE to opt out than it will to just participate in the federal program. Such logic has never stopped Perry from making stupid-ass decisions before, though, so Texans will get screwed because they were naive and stupid enough to elect that moron.

Then I started to think about all the old talk about "Texas Secede!" (that was a popular bumpersticker when I was a kid in Texas) and the times Perry has brought up secession. I wonder if it would ever really happen, and not just for Texas but for other states stuck with morons for governors. Think back to pre-Civil War America, with some states deciding they needed to break off from the union. Would that ever happen again?

Imagine a U.S. divided into sane states and teabag states, where red states all join together, with liberty, insanity, and injustice for all those dirty illegals; and blue states could just join together and continue as the United States of America. And if I found myself living in a red teabag moron state, what would it take for me to move? (besides fear for my life)

Could it happen? I almost wish it would, so the teabaggers would just get the hell out and stop fucking everything up. We'd elect Jed Bartlett president, and everything would be awesome.