Thursday, July 19, 2012

New lows

Is there anything these crazy wingnuts won't do? No low they won't stoop to?

Apparently not.

First, Mittens has pretty much flat-out refused to release his tax returns, as is the custom when a person is running for public office. Whether or not he's done anything on them that will bite him in the ass is, to my mind, irrelevant. The plain truth is that the guy doesn't think he HAS to release them. He's arrogant enough to believe that he doesn't play by the same rules other people do, even those in that rarified air of presidential politics. But hey, I'm sure that arrogance will serve him well if he's elected (read: appointed) president and he's responsible for helping the 99% he claims so unconvincingly to give a shit about.

Second, Crazy-eyes Jr. Michelle Bachmann (Laura will always be Crazy-eyes Sr.) has been channeling McCarthy and claiming Huma Abedin is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood and is thus affecting US foreign policy for the terr-ists. Her bat-shit crazy accusations are completely unsubstantiated and will likely ruffle plenty of feathers in the Middle East as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to push for peace and democracy in Egypt and Israel. I'm sure they're really jazzed about being accused of having a mole in the US government.

Finally, the irrelevant Donald Trump is making a mountain of the molehill of President Obama's college transcripts, demanding the White House release said documents and that, if they don't, then it's obviously a cover-up. Why? To distract from the Romney tax returns, for one, and to highlight the fact that these repug jackasses obviously don't believe a black man could've done all that President Obama did -- graduated from Harvard with an MBA, been the head of the Harvard Law Review, etc. Typical racially motivated bullshit, meant to distract and discredit -- tactics they wouldn't employ against a white president, I'm sure.