Thursday, September 07, 2006

More unholy shit from ABC and the radical wrong

I've been hearing a ton about this upcoming "documentary" from ABC, "The Path to 9/11," and I've been awakened from my birdwatching slumber to write on this blog today. Sorry I've been remiss and have been ignoring Impeachment and other dreams to play around on my bird site, beginning to bird.

Okay--first off, I realize that the idiots who made and are airing this film think they have a valid point when they answer critics with the "watch the movie first!" line of bs. The thing is, once the movie is out on their national airwaves, it'll be too late to criticize it! Many Americans will believe ANYTHING they see on TV! They'll take all this as fact and before you know it, the Chimp's poll ratings will be up.

Just yesterday, I listened as a co-worker claimed to be a Clinton supporter, then proceeded to parrot some of the EXACT POINTS argued in the film (courtesy of the Blue State blog) that "too bad Clinton didn't go after Bin Laden when he had the chance" and "I didn't vote for him second term, because I thought he was too distracted by the Lewinsky thing to do his job." I couldn't believe that an intelligent person could buy into this bullshit. The film hasn't even aired yet, but people already know the talking points of the right. Ridiculous.

The only hope is that there are enough Americans who are tired of this campaign of fear, tired of the lies, tired of the imperialistic actions of this regime. Enough Americans who will NOT buy into the bullshit. Otherwise, it's another November of stolen elections, republican "victories," and perpetual war.

Do what you can to get the truth out about this film and its messages. Hit the blogs, especially the rethuglican ones, and make your voices heard. Make sure people know the film offers a patently FALSE version of history, masquerading as truth.

We've got to get this country back, folks. VOTE! Speak truth to power! Speak truth.