Thursday, September 20, 2007

okay, catch-up time.

No, not this kind:

I meant what I've been doing for the past year-almost.

1. Mostly posting to my birding blog, beginning to bird. It's a less vomit-inducing way to spend time than thinking about BushCo et al.

2. Getting out of my sales job and into a better job where I don't have to sell or talk to customers. It ROCKS.

3. Playing around on the blogs in my blogroll.

4. Barely masking my disgust for the current administration.

Because I'm barely able, I'm going to post here from time to time when I just can't fecking take it anymore and must vent.

Like today, when Chimpy said something to the effect that Saddam had killed the Mandelas. Yeah, holy shit is right.

Gotta be the booze.

Forced to come out of self-imposed exile

It's been a long time -- since election day of 2006 -- since I posted. However, I saw this photo of Rudy Jools on Wonkette and noticed a certain similarity to a historical figure:

Something in the eyes, maybe....