Monday, April 13, 2009

Trying to start a war?

Opinion is mixed on whether Iran actually has nuclear weapons in its possession; you'll hear "evidence" that supposedly proves they already have nukes, and at the same time you can read that they don't have any nukes, and you can also find people who'll say they're secretly working on building them as fast as they can. The truth is probably somewhere in there, but I doubt we'll ever know it until the Iranians announce it themselves -- which, given the notoriously big mouth of Ahmadinejad, would definitely happen if the guy even THOUGHT they might have a nuke somewhere in some little weapons factory. The guy's a loudmouth; there's no way he'd be able to contain his "I'm a big boy now!" glee.

One thing is for certain: Israel probably has no clue whether Iran has nukes or not. And yet, they posture, with Benny Netanyahu constantly flapping his gums about Iran:
Israel's new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly said that Tehran's nuclear programme constituted the biggest concern to Israel, saying it was the biggest threat the Jewish state faced since its creation in 1948.
One would think they'd have learned a valuable lesson from watching the Chimpy administration's debacles in the Middle East. One would think that, without clear evidence of an actual threat, Israel wouldn't even throw out bullshit like this for fear of getting people lathered up for what would probably prove to be a total disaster.

But no. They've been doing this crap for years, and Benny's certainly not going to change his tune anytime soon.

Can you imagine the unholy hell that would ensue if Israel starting bombing Iran? The mind reels.


Dad E said...

Oh how I wish American politics would allow us to criticize Israel's actions, particularly their aggressions that we would condemn other nations for. I doubt that most nations are able to look at the follies of other nations going on ill advised wars. When the politics of fear are used instead of diplomacy things get out of control quickly.

Unknown said...

I agree with vikkitikkitavi.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I agree with Dusty.

dguzman said...

Dad E--I just don't understand this "see no evil" approach we have to Israel.

Vik--Amen to that--I can't believe they elected this loser twice. It's like they ARE us, on an eight-year delay.

Dean Wormer said...

If Israel though they really had nukes they would hit them regardless of what we think. That they haven't speaks volumes about the level of this Iranian "threat."

Randal Graves said...

No one has more nukes than us, so if I'm a head-of-state in the rest of the world, I'm probably wanting a couple myself, especially if I live near a loon land like Israel, funded by their equally loon BFF, US.