Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cafeteria bloggin'

So I'm stuck blogging in the work cafeteria for now, as I heard a rumor that our desktops were being monitored for non-work-related internets usage.... Not me! Never me!

I'm sitting here in Faux Nooz hell, too -- listening to some "fair and balanced" "expert" ragging on Tim Geithner for supposedly not staying up late enough to get the details worked out on how the stimulus money will be spent. "THAT'S A BAD FOOTBALL TEAM," he's spewing. Funny how they never criticized the morons and thieves of the Bush administration for their bald-faced robbery and clusterfuck of the last eight years. Good lord, now they're wondering WHY these repugs DARED to vote for the stimulus. God, I HATE this channel. "John McCain, who is very prone to cutting deals with democrats.... SENATOR Obama" this idiotic pundit they have on now just called OUR PRESIDENT a "senator!" Can't they all be sent to Gitmo for that?

Meanwhile, life is okay. We've had mild temps and some rain rather than snow--thrilling! Bring on the spring!

I really had nothing more gripping to say today, and whatever thoughts I did have were blown out of my brain by the mind-numbing stupidity of Faux Nooz. I gotta get internets at home.


Life As I Know It Now said...

because their team isn't up to bat they are going to watch everything they do and report any screw up they can. the problem is that they are biased and they won't report on republicans in the same fashion. to me, THEY are the ones who hate America!

Fran said...

Hi D! I have not been around. Sorry you have to blog in the cafeteria and hear Fucked Up News.

I love all your birdy pics at your other blog. I say winter blahs are definitely so on their way out.

xoxoox Miss you!

Unknown said...

My orthopedic surgeon has FOUR count em FOUR huge TV's in his waiting room....ALL WITH FAUX NOISE ON!!!

I need a drink after leaving his office usually. ;p

Elizabeth said...

Faux Snooze is on every tv, all over my gym.

Faux Snooze is so angrifying, I can do a few extra sets strictly from the mad energy it generates in me.

Randal Graves said...

Obama should start calling him "Crash McCain."

Pretend you're a bank and see if you can get some bailout loot to get a new computer. Worth a shot!

no_slappz said...
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Anonymous said...
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dguzman said...

Liberality--their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Fran--I like your name for Faux even better than mine. Miss you too!

Dusty--my dentist is the same way, as if being at the dentist isn't already hellish enough!

Enc--it just reduces me to a little ball of hate.

Randal--brilliant! Perhaps I can even get a Vegas junket out of it too!

Slappy--get lost.

Matthew Hubbard said...

Yeah, it's amazing these people can whine so, given that this mess started on their watch. On my blog, slappy repeats the "Fannie and Freddie caused it all!" crap, but more believable people, even those on the right like Alan Greenspan, tell us the real problem was an insane investment market allowing buying imaginary assets called derivatives on margins so ridiculous that it dwarfs the problems of the 1920s.

Distributorcap said...

at least at work i get to watch what i want -- even though i ought to have MSNBC on

dguzman said...

Matty Boy--yes, when they started making fake money (that spent like real money) off of fake money, the end was near. I'm a stock-market moron, and I knew that.

D-Cap--it's ridiculous.