Monday, December 19, 2011

It's a party! It's a lark!

Come on along, kids! It's not too
late to whore for more publicity!

Hey, it's "still not too late for folks to jump in" to the presidential race, according to Mooselini Failin'.

It's staggering to see the flippancy with which she regards the office of the presidency of the United States -- as though it's a club or a field trip.


Abu Scooter said...

This can only mean that Sarah Palin needs more money. Todd's proposed reality show fell through last week, and now the Alaska courts have stuck her with a six-figure judgement.


dguzman said...

Abu--probably. I read somewhere that Ailes was so pissed that Palin announced NOT on Faux that she wasn't running (way back when) that he almost fired her. But almost doesn't count. Dammit. Pathetic, indeed.

gmb said...

Well, given the slate of candidates, a club or field trip would be a fucking step up. And I mean from both parties. That said, Maybe Rocky Anderson and the Justice Party will get some traction. Hope so. We need someone to run from the left, b/c those kids who dropped everything to work for Obama in 2008? They are being arrested at every Occupy event around the country.

Matthew Hubbard said...

I've been following the polls, and once Cain left, "none of the above" has shown steady improvement, not a flash in the pan rise like Newt. There might yet be a chance for someone coming in.

If it's Palin, there are enough rubes to jump on her bandwagon, which will only mess up their kinda messed up party even worse.

Here's hoping.

Dad E said...

Barney Frank suggested than Jeb Bush would be the best the Republican could hope for. I tend to agree. The not-Mitt crowd has no where else to go. Still, a scarey thought.