Thursday, September 03, 2009

God, how I hate looking for a job

I've been out here in the Golden State for almost a month now, and I'm still looking for a job. The longest it's ever taken me to find a job in my whole life (and I've had lots!) is two weeks, but we're coming on a month here.

I still say California is beautiful. I've enjoyed seeing new birds and new places, drinking new wines and decent tapwater. But this endless job-searching is making me hate life.

I started out applying to editorial positions -- there were a few, actually! -- then I went to the administrative assistant jobs. Now I'm filling out apps to be a assistant manager at "THE HUT" (Pizza Hut, for all us non-hip people) and completing questionnaires with questions like "When I go into a restaurant, right away I begin thinking about ways they could do things better." Fortunately, I could answer "DEFINITELY" on that one, as it's rare that a restaurant doesn't piss me off in some way. When asked about why I like coffee (on the Starbuck's app), I talked about how it brings people together and you can learn about it, like wines, only without the big wine price tag. I also added that even people who don't drink coffee know why others do. (I just left it at that -- mysterious, no?)

I'm exhausted by all this filling out of online apps and paper apps and stuff. And nary a word from any of the places yet. AB told me that most places work on a different time scale than I do; they take a couple of weeks or whatever, and then they get around to calling for interviews. But I'm broke, people! Hurry up! I can do your job, trust me!

So that's what's going on in my real life. In my birdy life, I'm having a blast. My life list is up to 212, and I've got all sorts of great pictures and stuff. The other day, I even went to one of those "gravity hill" type places near here and I swear to you, it looked like the car was rolling UP the hill backwards! So that's all cool.

What's not cool is paying $212 to register my vehicle. TWO HUNDRED TWELVE DOLLARS? I asked the DMV lady if that was for the lifetime of the car, but she said no, it's every year. In Texas, it was like 60 bucks. PA, about the same. What the hell is it about this place? How can the state be broke if they're charging each of the kabillion cars out here 212 bucks each year? That's messed up, man.

I'm trying to figure out how I'll know when/if it's time to just pack it in and go back to PA or something. I mean, what's the cut-off? I could borrow more money, though I don't want to. But I don't want to give up and start driving back, only to get a bunch of callbacks for interviews when I'm hitting Nebraska or someplace. But what's the cut-off?


Matthew Hubbard said...

Keep the chin up, dg. It can be an expensive place to live, but there are some ways that it's worth it.

You're absolutely right about looking for work. It's the worst job in the world.

Claire said...

Yes, it really is. I've begun the search in earnest, and the waiting is such a drag. Keep your chin up, though, like Matty said.

Life As I Know It Now said...

How long you stay depends upon how much you can borrow and feel comfortable doing so. What's the unemployment rate out there anyway?

It's nice that you can enjoy your life long hobby. That must relieve some of your stress.

Here's hoping you find something soon! Fingers crossed.

dguzman said...

Thanks, guys -- you're the best.

Fran said...

I am so sorry that this is taking time. I totally hear you, I hated looking for a job - it can be so discouraging. Hang in there woman.

And the Cali DMV system for registrations is a shocker, I recall from my time there.

I send you my every good thought, prayer and wish D!! xoxoxoxoxo

Randal Graves said...

Two hundred for a freaking car? Applying some Occam, it's obviously that your new state is blowing its revenues on a nasty meth habit.

Good luck with the jobification.

In the meantime, since you're a master birder, have you thought about training your own avian army to do your bidding?

pissed in NYC said...

Can you give it another month? Are you receiving unemployment? It's probably going to take some time because of the state of things in California, but sending you good wishes. Ask Fran to pray for you. She has a direct line.

Anonymous said...

Now would be a good time for you to expand your horizons by boning up on your Economics. You are unemployed and are entitled to know the reason why. Most Recessions, even the severe one of 1921 that President Harding shot dead in its tracks so that it hardly registers historically, don't last for more than 6 months. A severe one can last 9 months. Recessions don't last for more than a year without Governmental Assistance.

Might I suggest you read Murray Rothbard's America's Great Depression. Do not listen to the static that will follow criticizing Rothbard as some Crazy Right Wing Extremist. Judge him on the Historical Content in the context to the present Economic Crisis. It will make your job search a moer enlightened one.


Karen Zipdrive said...

I think you should borrow some money, keep applying for jobs and let go of the outcome.
A watched pot never boils and all that.
And get Fran on the prayer path, by all means. She's got God's cell phone number and he Tweets her constantly.

Anonymous said...

You could earn some money as a Political Activist. Acorn is looking for some good hired help, especially after firing a few incompetants over the weekend. Maybe you could even approach the Tea Party people and pose as a Pimp.

Always remember that when you need cash, its neither Red nor Blue; it's still Green whether it comes from the FOX or Soros.

Anonymous said...

Good News, DG!

The defunding of ACORN means that some Malinvestment is being liquidated, a necessary condition for Economic Recovery, according to Rothbard.

The Economy should be getting better soon! You have Glenn Beck to thank for your Good Fortune!

Volly said...

You will hear from every company you applied to, all at the same time.

And if I were hiring, I'd seriously consider your application, just based on the answers you quoted in your post.

Good luck!1

Anonymous said...

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