Wednesday, January 30, 2008


At the risk of sounding bitter, BIG SURPRISE that Obama is already hounding Edwards for his endorsement. I'd rather see Edwards do as Kucinich did and not endorse anyone. I know, I know--it would hurt his chances at a VP slot. But dammit, I'm -- well, I'm just bitter. I was really hoping he'd stay in long enough for me to vote for him on Feb 5.


On the bright side, there's more than enough Monkey/Love to go around.

UPDATE: Edwards had some pretty good things to say in response to the SOTU idiocy the other night, notably:

"The State of the Union may be interesting political theater, but until we
find bold solutions to the challenges facing the country, we will be stuck with
the same old small, Washington answers.

And in the chamber of the House of Representatives where the president
speaks, even though this Congress stopped listening to him a while ago, they
will still applaud and cheer him."

Boy, ain't that the truth. I read earlier that Hillary applauded after Chimpy's tired old "we're making progress in Iraq" bullshit. Come on, man! Obama didn't applaud, which is cool.

On a related but bitchy note, it just kills me to see these staged and forced speeches by Chimpy (or any other president) during which everyone in there is a captive audience, and everyone is trying to be polite and clapping. But Mr. Have-A-Beer-With-Him gets that idiot smile on his face, and you can see his little brain actually believing that the applause is genuine. He winks like he's got a facial tic, and he just eats up all that fake approval, like the overgrown dunce he is. It's disgusting. If he had any illusion that everyone in there really liked him, he should've wised up when some dems were heard laughing in response to Chimpy's praise of his "No Child Left Behind" debacle (see the last graf on that link). I'd be laughing too, if education weren't so screwed up.


GETkristiLOVE said...

We'll kindly step down for Edwards/Niblet in 2012!

dguzman said...

You're too kind! But you'll need at least two terms to clean up all of Bush's messes!

FranIAm said...

Oh dear. Oh dear.

Westcoast Walker said...

Hi There - found your blog through Zaius - lots of good stuff here!

The SOTU is hard to stomach when you are a fan of reality - the disconnect is staggering to the imagination. I guess you have to look at it as absurd political theatre. Still, Bush is so awful it would be justifiable for someone to break ranks and heckle the poor monkey.

Matty Boy said...

I already voted absentee for Edwards, because I didn't want to "throw my vote away" on Dennis.

Ah, well.

On the good news side, excellent choice of official pool player.

phil_in_ny said...

I know, I know. I was for Edwards until I saw he wasn't going anywhere. He would have been great.

By the way, I'm live blogging the debate thursday night, so drop by and speak your mind.

dguzman said...


Walker--Welcome! I can't stand listening to repubs in general because they have no grasp of reality.

Matty Boy--glad you like my pool player. She's been a favorite of mine since the early to mid-90s when I was a hardcore competitive pool player.

PiNY--I have calc class tonight, but I'm hoping it's cancelled because of the weather. So I'll try to drop by!

CDP said...

I WISH he had just stayed in until Tuesday; who knows what might have happened. I can only guess that Mrs. Edwards' health is declining (although I hope that's not the case).

TomCat said...

I had small hope that he would make it to my primary in late May, but his withdrawal so early is a great disappointment to me. Both Clinton and Obama have been hounding him for an endorsement, and I hope he waits for one of them to adopt more progressive positions. For me, I have time to decide, but since neither is progressive it will be a hard choice. I will definitely support the nominee, whoever it is. I received an email from John this morning and posted it along with the video of his New Orleans speech.