Sunday, January 13, 2008

Close Bush's mouth--shit's coming out of it (again)

It seems Bush is now backing down from his commitment to reduce the number of troops in Iraq. (I don't know--can you call it a "commitment" when we're talking about Chimpy McBullshit?)

He’s making promises to the Middle East as well:
A main aim of Bush's Mideast visit is to convince the Saudi leadership as well as those in Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates that he remains committed to preventing Iran from destabilizing the region, despite U.S. intelligence findings that Tehran halted its nuclear weapons development in 2003.

So he's planning to sell "$20 billion in weapons, including precision-guided bombs" to the Saudis to help them protect themselves from big bad Iran, which doesn't actually pose a threat. Oh, and just to show how smart and fair he is, he's also planning to "counterbalance the Saudi sale with $30 billion in military assistance to Israel - a more than 25 percent increase over the next 10 years."

Let me get this straight, Chimpy--you tell Americans that you're finally going to bring at least some of our soldiers home, but then you say, "oops--sorry!--nobody's coming home!" And somehow we're just supposed to believe your bullshit reason about "any decision about troop levels 'needs to be based upon success,'" as if "success" (other than that of your billionaire pals) has ever had a damned thing to do with why we're in our war for oil and profits in the first place?

Then, in a region that's already crawling with weapons and turmoil, a huge part of which assholes like you have caused, you announce how "committed" you are to "preventing Iran from destabilizing the region." Yeah, because it's so fucking stable now, right? And because Iran is causing all the problems in the world, not us, right?

Then Mr. Peace in our Time/War President says that all the other Middle Eastern countries better hurry up and "confront this danger before it is too late." Too late for what, Chimpy? Let's see--maybe one of those non-existent mushroom clouds you and Lecondel like to scare us with?

Or maybe you want them to hurry and blow everything up over there before Congress wises up and impeaches your ass?

Sorry, Chimpy, I don't think anyone's buying your lies anymore.


Mary Ellen said...

I honestly think that Bush is caught up in all the "Left Behind" stuff and he's purposely trying to bring on Armageddon. How else could we explain these moves? The man is sick.

dguzman said...

Completely! And arrogant, and stupid, and fried-by-booze-and-coke, and...