Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Over my dead body!

Friends, I come to you tonight with a tremulous heart and a steadfast resolve. Our Department of Candy Security has just given me evidence that the forces of evil have threatened all that we hold dear:

“I'll give you shock and awe. We can't eat Neccos at every meal...maybe we'll invite Elmer Fudd to make us some wabbit stew!”

Yes, my fellow patriots and Necco-haters, the Necco factions (or as I like to call them, “Neccids”) have threatened Niblet.

I ask you: Is nothing sacred to these people?

Even now, Nibble is being rushed to a secret location for his protection:

Tonight, the flavors of evil--”chocolate” (aka poo), “lemon” (aka mustard gas), “lime” (aka that green stuff that gets caked under your lawnmower), “orange” (aka light-colored REDS!), “clove” (uh-huh--”clove”--it’s the wacky weed, I tell you!), “wintergreen” (aka liquified grasshoppers), “cinnamon” (Reds! Commies!), and “licorice” (aka gross!)--are massing their forces, plotting their havoc, and trying to strike at all that is furry and good in this world!

This will not stand. We will prevail. Niblet will be safe. As God is my witness, Niblet will be safe!


CDP said...

I admit to nothing. All I said was that we might or might not be serving some nice wabbit inferred that Niblet was the wabbit in question. He does look yummy though. (yummy in the "oh, isn't he cute?" sense, of course.)

Mary Ellen said...

LOL---love the pic of Nibble's running for cover!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Niblet will be well taken care of under the Necco/Crunky axis of power! Come to us Niblet, we'll keep you safe.

dguzman said...

Don't even think about it, CDP!

ME--isn't he the cutest little booty-bunny?

Dr. Monkey--you're seriously jeopardizing your candidacy if you continue to be on the side of the evildoers. I will send Karen Hughes to win over your heart and mind!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Niblet has an adorable little bunny butt. Bring him over for a playdate with Baby Jake.

I too hate Necco wafers. I dated this witch named Rat Rose once and she loved them. That killed them for me.

FranIAm said...

I admit to having started the war and then ducking out.

How very presidential of me!