Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't Stop at the Top! Vote NO on Prop 8!

Blogswarm, everybody!

Today I'm participating in Write to Marriage Day, a blogswarm against Proposition 8 in California. I hope any Californians out there in bloglandia will VOTE NO on Prop 8. Just remember--vote all the way down the ballot, because the propositions are at the bottom of the ballot.

As you all know, my own attempt at marriage didn't work out so well, but I will always support the right for two consenting adults to get married--whether I ever decide to go there again or not. "Civil unions" are merely the latest example of our country's propensity for trying to foist "separate but equal" institutions on us.

Perhaps the solution is to keep "marriages" in a religious context; if you get hitched in a church, we'll call it a marriage. If you want to be legally joined, with all the legal benefits (and drawbacks) therein, we'll call it a "civil union." Period. That would certainly uphold the idea of separation of Church and State, which is a separation I believe in.

Whatever the eventual solution to what is, in my opinion, a non-problem--I hope you'll join me in recognizing that the marriage of two people of the same sex does absolutely nothing to "weaken" the institution of marriage or any other silly right-wing talking points. I think enough straight couples weaken that institution all on their own without any help from the gay side of the aisle, thank you.

So vote no on Prop 8 -- unless you believe this:

Then you're kinda too stupid to even be voting, really.


FranIAm said...

Freedom to marry!!
Not scary at all.

Randal Graves said...

The fact that you even support this has weakened my marriage 17.9% in the last five minutes alone, I measured! Stop it!

enc said...

I don't know if it's possible to hate a Prop, but if it is, let this be my mantra: "I Hate 8!"

I already voted NO.


A thousand times, NO!

(I went to dinner with my friend last night, and she said that she was cut off several times in traffic yesterday, and all the people who cut her off had "Yes on 8" stickers on their cars. Hmmmmm. Very telling.)

Anonymous said...

Besides the McCain nuts who were sitting near us at breakfast the other day, we had some very vocal Yes on 8 folks at another table. My son, who knows my feelings on the matter, looked at me with a "what the hell?" look on his face. I said to him, but loud enough for everyone else to hear, "Slim, just take the word gay and replace it with the word black, and you tell me if it still makes sense."

dguzman said...

Fran--yeah, it makes no sense why people give a shit about this.

Randal--it's probably up to like 32.514% by now!

Enc--they're bastards.

Kirby--you're raising that kid right.

Liberality said...

"I think enough straight couples weaken that institution all on their own without any help from the gay side of the aisle, thank you."

yeah, and most of the divorced straight people I know are republicans too ;)