Friday, October 03, 2008

Did you hear that crashing sound?

That huge noise you just heard from the D.C. area was the sound of a "government of, by, and for the people" collapsing and crashing down into dust. It's officially over, pals. The corporatocracy is now firmly and permanently in power. Don't believe me? Ponder this: When Wall Street can basically get their inside man HankyPanky Paulson to go to D.C., demand a trillion dollars in strings-free cash, and get it--when that happens, folks, it's all over.

No matter who is elected president (or who steals the election), it likely won't make a damned bit of difference. McCain said himself he'd cut all spending except defense spending. Social programs? We don't need no stinkin' social programs. Education? What the fuck is that? Alternative energy? "Drill, baby, drill! My Veep tells me she's got billions of barrels in oil under her home state. And war, baby, war! Our guys will be in the Middle East for a hundred fucking years! We're set!"

Obama, in contrast, would at least pretend to care, kinda like Bill Clinton did. He'd feel really bad as he told the American people that there was just no money for that education reform, or that infrastructure rebuilding, or that whole alternative energy/jobs thing he promised. Hell, he's probably gonna have to pawn a few hundred fighter jets to the Saudis just to get enough money to bring the troops home from Iraq. And won't they be productive and happy citizens when they come home from their multiple tours in the ninth circle of hell? Hellz, yeah. No problem there.

I'm sure glad it's Friday. I need a couple of news-free days to pick my soul back up off the ground.

By the way, Paulson just called. He needs you to sign that personal check for $2,200 and mail it to him, so he can deposit it in those Wall Street bastards' bank accounts in the Caymans.


Randal Graves said...

Oh, relax. The Saudis are our BFF. It's cool.

By the way, it's now $2300. Oops, $2400.

Matty Boy said...

Has no one in Washington DC other than Dennis Kucinich read The Shock Doctrine?

Liberality said...

It feels like a heist you know. Bush takes one more swipe at us before he goes off into the sunset. Or maybe, it is blackmail--he won't leave until they have EVERY FUCKING THING. Kiss social security goodbye as well. Fuckheads all of them, including the "reasonable" democrats who went along with this.

Tengrain said...

Usually I demand dinner and a movie before getting so royally screwed.



Anonymous said...

Next time the creditors call, I'm going to tell them that they've already got all my money. The can go fuck themselves.

enc said...

I'm depressed.

dguzman said...

Randal--it keeps going up, huh?

Matty Boy--doubtful. Probably not enough pictures.

Lib--That's exactly what it feels like--outright theft.

Tengrain--thanks for the comment! I feel so honored. And yes, you'd think they'd at least sprung for a nice wine so we could get a little buzzed first.


Enc--I'm PISSED. And depressed.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That deserted island in the middle of the pacific is starting to look pretty enticing right about now.

Dusty said...

Your last paragraph sez it all Delia.

Fuck me running, this is such bullshit.