Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Carolina Wren

So I've been tagged by math genius and all-around hottie Matty Boy for this iPod music meme thing I've seen going around. I don't own an iPod, though, so all I have here at work is the few random CDs and a couple of prolly illegal I, Splotchy and Cup of Coffey downloads I've loaded onto my Windows Player. My results will be pretty lame and might bore you to tears, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice . . . tee hee!

Da roolz:
1. Put your music player on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

MattyBoy says that's in caps because it's IMPORTANT! so here we go--you'll get what Player gives ya.

1. IF SOMEONE SAYS “IS THIS OKAY” YOU SAY? California, Joni Mitchell

2. WHAT WOULD BEST DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY? Song Sparrow, Lang Elliott (from my "Music of the Birds" CD)
UPDATE!--Lang Elliott used to work at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and he's a big-time bird guy. He does recordings of actual bird songs and puts them together on CDs (and usually an accompanying book with text about and photos of the birds).

I tried to put up the intro/first track from "Music of the Birds" up here, but I don't know how to upload it. Here, however, is a link to a photo and recording of one of my favorite bird songs, that of the wood thrush.

I wish I could load the intro to his CD, though, because you should hear how he talks--it's just the funniest, dorkiest, but cutest thing you'll hear all day! First thing--here's his photo:

Now imagine him saying, in a funny little old guy voice, like Mr. Rogers only not so gay: "Hi Friends. This is Lang Elliott. Welcome to the audio portion of Music of the Birds." It sounds like "Music of the Burds." It's so cute! Anyway--back to our previously scheduled programming.

3. WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? Nothing Can Come Between Us, Sade

4. HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? Common Yellowthroat (typical and flight songs), Lang Elliott

5. WHAT IS YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE? Nothing Compares 2U, Sinead O'Connor

6. WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO? Lark Sparrow, Lang Elliott (god, I'm a dork)

7. WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Red-eyed Vireo, Lang Elliott (indeed!)

8. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR PARENTS? 'Tis of Thee, Ani DiFranco


10. WHAT IS 2+2? Acadian Flycatcher, Lang Elliott (sounds like "pizza! pizza!")

11. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? Ghost, Indigo Girls (that's kinda scary)

12. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE PERSON YOU LIKE? Eastern Wood-Pewee, Lang Elliott

13. WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? Brown-headed Cowbird (male and female calls), Lang Elliott

14. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? Silver Springs, Fleetwood Mac

15. WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE PERSON YOU LIKE? Black-capped Chickadee, Lang Elliott

16. WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? Savannah Sparrow, Lang Elliott (so accurate, you know?)

17. WHAT WILL YOU DANCE TO AT YOUR WEDDING? House Finch (extended courting song), Lang Elliott (wow!)


19. WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST? Hello Birmingham, Ani DiFranco

20. WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SECRET? What Child is This?, Vince Guaraldi Trio

21. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR FRIENDS? All That You Have Is Your Soul, Tracy Chapman

22. WHAT SHOULD YOU POST THIS AS? Carolina Wren, Lang Elliott

See, cool people like Matty Boy have Elvis Costello, or opera, or They Might Be Giants on their music players. People like me have bird songs and some very old lesbian favorites. Sheesh.


Randal Graves said...

I'm gathering that you like Lang Elliot.

And screw the cool factor crap. I got fucking death metal on mine. Everyone else has mellow song stylings, indie rock and people I've never heard of. WE are the REAL rebels! :)

Sorghum Crow said...

DG, I am so disappointed that your answer to
was not some sort of bird. You have to promise not to tell anyone, but when I was a wee lad, I wanted to grow up to be a dalmatian. (Weird. But I had met Sparky the firedog somewhere, and knew there was a guy in the suit.) Now, I would settle for reincarnation as a dog.

dguzman said...

Randal -- feckin' A! we're rebels! A friend got me that Lang Elliott CD (and the accompanying book!) for xmas last year, and I wanted to learn more bird songs, so I used to play it all day at work -- until my coworkers threatened to kill me.

Sorghum Crow, I hear ya! It seemed like every time I'd hope for a good song to answer a question, I'd get a sparrow or something, but then when I wanted a bird, I'd get a song! Crazy ass Shuffle. And don't worry--your dalmation secret is safe with me. I've always thought I would like to be reincarnated as a bird, so I could fly.

Freida Bee said...

If it were not for my daughters there would be no coolness whatsoever, because I'd be clueless(er than I am about style.) Given that, what's on my laptop is what I scrounged during a certain type of limited access and does not include hardly any of what I have on disk (and cassette), Indigo Girls, Ani Di Franco... the lezzy favs, but never heard of Lang Elliot. Told you I'm not cool. I'll be checkin' him/ her (?) out.

FranIAm said...

Oh man- that is too great. You are for the birds!! And that is a good thing in this case!

How nice to come by here to see this after getting my own arse kicked at my own blog. That said, I stand by my words, don't abandon me people.

Randal Graves said...

dguzman, so it's a CD of a guy playing bird calls on a guitar?

Fran, if you caved, then we'd abandon you. Gotta stick up for what you believe, us internets assholes be damned. :)

dguzman said...

Actually Lang Elliott is this bird guy who used to work at the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology, and the tracks on the CD are recordings of actual bird songs! I guess I should've explained this before... hee hee. I think maybe I need a follow-up post...

Frieda Bee--glad to know you're rockin' the classics!

Fran--glad to help bring a smile to your face!

Randal--see above -- although your guess would probably make a very interesting CD!

dguzman said...

Okay, update done! Hope that clears things up. I guess this wouldn't have been an issue on my birding blog, but here--well, let's just say that few of the commenters on my birding blog would know who the hell Dr. Monkey von Monkerstein or Princess Sparkle Pony are, okay?

Matty Boy said...

Nice work, dguzman. Am I the only one was told by this random meme that he was doomed, DOOMED DOOOMMMMED!

Apparently so.

BeckEye said...

Your biggest secret is that you're the Baby Jesus??