Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Christmas Gift for PoP

Once upon a time, when it was very cold in the north but warmer as you went farther south, although the scientifically proven phenomenon of climate change was wreaking havoc with the predictability of the weather, but you can trust me on this that it was warmer in other places than the north, though the north in some spots was unseasonably mild, there was a wonderful woman named PoP.

All PoP wanted for her winter celebration of whatever denomination you, the reader, would like to insert here, whether it be pagan, christian, muslim, african-american, jewish, icelandic, or otherwise, and I don't mean to slight anyone who doesn't fall into those categories but they're the only categories I can think of at the moment, so please just relax and read on, because that's not really the point of this story, now is it?--as I was saying, all PoP wanted was a snowman.

And so--after a few days of wishing and waiting, and checking this blog and being disappointed, but still I hope being hopeful that this storyteller/erstwhile snowman-builder would get her shit together and put up a damned snowman already, and doing other stuff that's really just her own personal business, thank you very much, PoP got her wish:

Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukah/Joyous Kwaanza/whatever whatever to you, PoP, and to the whole PoP clan.


Randal Graves said...

Thanks for providing conclusive evidence of the fal-la-see of global warming!

- Merry Christmas, GWB

Mary Ellen said...

All of our snow melted in Chicago. Instead, we have high winds and a lot of decorations in the neighborhood are being blown down the street. Merry Global Warming!

commander other said...

Delia. Please refrain from looking over here. Because I didn't get you anything for Christmas. I swear. It wasn't me. It was the dwarves.

Mary Ellen said...

I left you a gift on my blog, dguzman!

dguzman said...

Oh boy, presents!

Randal and ME--I hear ya! Today we had rain and 55 degrees; I'm sure all that climate change crap is just junk science!