Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bush discusses his priorities

Make mine a dubble... heh heh heh.

Just found this link, hidden on Talking Points Memo--we'll call it "Scenes of Delusion."

Bush: 'I Doubt I'd Be Standing Here If I Hadn't Quit Drinking
-- ABC Nightline

. . . The president told ABC News he quit drinking over 20 years ago --
cold turkey.

"I had too much to drink one night, and the next day I didn't have any,"
Bush said. "The next day I decided to quit and I haven't had a drink since

"And you did it just cold turkey?" asked Raddatz.

"I'm a better man for it," Bush said.

Allow me to interrupt, disgusted readers. At this point, wouldn't a good journalist ask, "what about the cocaine?"

Back to the "interview". . .

The president said his alcohol problem wasn't severe, but said he still had
a hard time quitting.

"I wasn't a knee-walking drunk," Bush said. "It's a difficult thing to do, which is to kick an addiction."

Again, pardon my interruption, but that ridiculous sentence construction sure makes him seem drunk. Maybe it's just me. Anyhoo, back to the "interview:"

. . . Bush said in his case, he made the decision to quit when he realized drinking was interfering with his family.

"Alcohol can compete with your affections. It sure did in my case," Bush
said, "affections with your family, or affections for exercise."

Yes, he just said the two affections alcohol competed with were his family and his exercise. I'm reminded of Condi, upon finding out on the news (!!!) that Hamas had won the elections in the Middle East; she went back to her exercising. Why not? It's not like she was an important leader or anything.

Sometimes you just gotta read this stuff and laugh. Or throw up. You decide.


Randal Graves said...

I tried doing both, then started to choke on my own vomit. And since you have to be a rock star to have a rock star death, I'll pass on being Bonham or Scott for today.

Is it okay if I say just how much I HATE - yes, HATE, not wish would would quietly go away to do less damage, but HATE HATE HATE SWEET VENOMOUS HATE - Bush and his handlers? Fuck that brotherhood of man shit. I HATE YOU ASSHOLES AND WISH MISERY UPON YOU.

Stupid motherfucking cokehead alky.

Sorry to vent on your blog, 'cause I like ya, but that's what you get for posting stuff like that. :)

vikkitikkitavi said...

My brother, an alcoholic who's been sober for 20 years, calls Bush a "sober drunk," meaning he's still a drunk at heart.

dguzman said...

Good, Randal--pass on that whole death-by-aspiration thing. It's so passe.

Believe me, I feel your venting. I'm so full of bitterness and hatred for all of them in DC right now--dems and repubs, all of them--for their weakness and their addiction to money and their lying sack of shitness. (is that a word?) They're all assholes.

Vik--yup--and I would seriously doubt if Bush hasn't had a drink since '86. Like everything else he says, it's probably a LIE.

Mary Ellen said...

I always thought of Bush as a "dry drunk", which is the same as a "sober drunk" as vikkitkkitavi said. They exhibit the habits of a drunk without drinking. But then again...there was that picture of Bush in Germany at the beer fest and he was definitely holding a glass of beer and drinking it. They don't have "near beer" in Germany. I've seen other pictures of him at sports events holding a drink that is hidden under cover.

If Bush's lips are moving, he's lying. He's lying about this...I'll lay odds that we'll see something written after he leaves office that tells about him getting drunk and passing out while President.

The Cunning Runt said...

Can I laugh until I puke? I think I'm motivated enough to pull that one off.

Randal, it's really sad to see good people with good hearts and minds so consumed by hatred for others, but I know just what you mean. I tried to NOT hate him, on the grounds that he's a simpleton, but I had to give up. There's only so much willful ignorance which can be excused, especially when this many innocent people are paying for it with their lives.

Excellent feet-to-the-fire post, dguz!

Anonymous said...

They are all on meds, legal or illegal, self prescribed or gotten from a doctor by some arm twisting (in Bush's case, maybe from Roger Clemens' doctor), if you ask me. So am I . But I don't lie about it.

dguzman said...

ME, I agree whole-heartedly. I don't think this guy knows how to tell the truth.

Cunning Runt: thanks!

Fillip, at least you and I are honest about our medications. That's something.