Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hear this, all you godless liberal Jeebus haters!

It seems our Congress has -- thank goodness! -- found the time to vote on a resolution stating that, by golly, Christmas is important! Thanks to TPM for the link.
Generic Present Guy

Boy, I'm sure glad they got this important issue decided once and for all! I know Generic Present Guy was worried! I wonder when they're going to enact similar legislation for Hannukah and Kwaanza? I'm sure that's probably in committee right now, and they're ironing out the details. Because that's what they do in D.C., tackle the BIG issues! It's not all just photo-ops and bullshit!

- - - - - - -

Okay, my snarkopressure just shot through the roof, so I had to stop. Sometimes I get so freakin' mad I could just explode. I'm sure we've all felt it; we're probably feeling it right now. My face gets all hot, my blood pressure goes way up, and the blood pounds in my ears. It happens when I glance over at Fox "News" and read their ridiculous little blurbs at the bottom of the screen, like the ones yesterday during their broadcasts about the church shootings in Colorado--their blurb? Something about "attacks on Christians." Seriously. It happens when I hear W's voice. It happens when I think about politics in general.

Sometimes I just gotta take a break. In the interests of that, I want to post these photos I took at a bookstore a while back--each one has special meaning for its connection to someone I've met through this and my other (birdy) blog.

First, this one's for MattyBoy and Dr. Monkey von Monkerstein, whose unabashed appreciation of women just makes me love 'em more every day:

Imagine how happy both Matty and Monkey would be to have all the girlie mags shown in this book! Matty'd be looking for the Gigantic women, and Monkey would be scanning photos in for days on end! Randal would also appreciate this book, I'm sure.

Second, for all you man-lovin' female readers--Fran, PoP, Jess, WhiskeyMarie, Vikki--this one's for you:

Check out those big ole hunks o' man flesh! Tom Selleck! David Cassidy! Simon LeBon! ... Keifer Sutherland? Uh--okay, whatevah. I'm gay; what do I know?! Anyway--this book took me back to the days of watching Dex Dexter, doing Alexis Carrington wrong; of watching the Multi-Untalented Tracy Partridge trying to work that tamborine; of listening to Magnum's witty narration and his run-ins with a bristly Higgins.

Simpler times, simpler times.... I feel better now.


Randal Graves said...

Steve is the king of something, alright. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom and shake hands with the good representative.

And hey, it was the 80s! There wasn't any sense to anything, no rhyme nor reason. Except for Elle, lovely Elle Macpherson. Hmm, there's an idea for a post.

BTW, my mother-in-law would thank you for the gratuitous fuzzy cheesecake shot of Magnum. I don't. ;-)

dguzman said...

Well, Randal, I'm with ya on not appreciating the (ahem) manly chest of Magnum...

FranIAm said...

How can I thank you enough? That photo of Tom Selleck brought me back to happier and younger days, when my taste in men was not as... um, let's say refined.

You are too funny. This is a brilliant post and that I get to receive a real gift (I will be getting that- right?) from it is outstanding.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks for the girlie mag cover, dg. I'm sure that's why my word verification is nkfupn.

Not really dirty unless you have a dirty mind.

Which I do!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for the gift! I love you right back girl.

Anonymous said...

I guess my tastes are weird. I'd take Keanu Reeves over Tom Selleck and i'd take Judy Garland over Betty Grable (thought Betty Page would give Judy a run for her money!).

dguzman said...

Fran, of course! I'm sending Tom right to your door. He'll be there any minute now...

Fillip--I wouldn't take Reeves OR Magnum PI, but I do like Harrison Ford. And Garland over Grable? That's a toughie. Probably I'd take Garland so she could sing "The Man That Got Away" over and over. GOD I love that song.