Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Previews of coming attractions

Transcript of last night's interview of W by Charlie Gibson on ABC:
GIBSON: Mr. President, let me start with foreign policy. Did you put too much faith in Pervez Musharraf?
BUSH: He’s been a loyal ally in fighting terrorists. He’s also advanced democracy in Pakistan. So far, I’ve found him to be a man of his word. The fundamental question I have for President Musharraf is, will these elections be under emergency law? Because if they are, it’s going to be hard for those of us who have believed he’s advanced Pakistan’s democracy to say that’s still the case.
GIBSON: Is there a line he cannot cross in your mind? Something that would go too far, when you might say to yourself, okay, that’s enough?
BUSH: He hasn’t crossed the line. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that he will cross any lines. Today I thought it was a pretty good signal that he released thousands of people from the jails.

Okay, wow. Where to begin?

Then call all your family members together (it's convenient that tomorrow is Thanxgiving, no?) and tell them you'll probably need to go into hiding soon. Don't be too specific about the reason or your hide-out's location, but at least give them a mail-drop site--like "under the big rock at the corner of Rte 45 and Kline Road"--that way they can communicate with you.

Next, gather all the nonperishables, liquor, and water you can. Start storing it in your secret underground location, making sure that no one follows you! Remember--anyone you bring along will want your food, booze, and water too--that's less for you!
Learn Morse code so you can tap out signals to people in the other cells at Gitmo (this is just in case, okay?).


Randal Graves said...

Thanks for having low standards. :)
I really should be stocking up on foodstuffs, canned goods, but dammit, I love me some Campbell's Chicken Noodle. Goes down the gullet as fast as we buy it!

Distributorcap said...

the shelves at the local Met Food were empty today

probably more to do with Thanksgiving -- but man it should be because of the douchebag in the WH

Anonymous said...

How many different ways can Bush find to say he considers himself to be dictator of the US without shocking anybody? I mean, obviously, if Bush thinks Musharraf hasn't crossed a line, it says a lot about how Bush defines democracy...but it's all just another day in the Bush Reich.

FranIAm said...

I am, as ever behind, but I will get myself over to Randal's post in a moment.

There was an article in the New York Times the other day about how W's "friendship" with Musharraf obscures his rational analysis of the situation.

Well, that and the fact that W is a feckin' idiot and there is no such thing as rational analysis for him.

Like that...

dguzman said...

I hear ya, Randal--lentil soup for me.

D-cap--yeah, our store's shelves were bare too, but only of the typical T-day stuff (chicken broth, green beans, mushroom soup, etc.). Tres americaine.

Fillip--exactly right, as always.

Fran--I find it ridiculous that Bush calls other world leaders his "friends," as if he and Pooty-Poot and Angie Merkel and Nicky Sokarzy and Pervy Mushmush are all great pals, spending time at each other's houses, listening to records and talking about life. Please. That guy's never had a true friend in his life, because he just buys yes-men.