Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Congrats to PA dems!

Seems we had ourselves a little EEE-lection last night, and much to mah joy and sue-prize, some things are gonna be changin' 'round these parts!

Oh, sorry. I don't really know where the accent came from. Perhaps it's that elusive "Texas Swagger" that Chimpy McFlightsuit's always supposed to have.

Perhaps I'll throw up a little in my mouth.

Ahem. Anyway, local elections in my area went GREAT last night! Some highlights for Centre County, Pennsylvania:
Debra Ruest beat incumbent repub Jonathan Grine and will be the first woman to serve on the Centre County Court of Common Pleas.

Longtime candidate and all-around nice guy Jon Eich won election to our Board of County Commissioners, along with another newcomer Rich Rogers. Repubs' write-in campaigns failed miserably, and our board is now solidly democratic.

Leslie Dutchcot won a spot as a District judge.

Dems took over the local school board as well, thwarting more repub attempts to write-in their candidates.

The democratic party in State College is pretty strong, having already had success in 2006 with the ouster of everybody's favorite 'phobe Rick Santorum in favor of centrist dem Bob Casey.
Do you remember this classic photo?
I just had to wonder what they told those kids to make them cry and look so terrible. I mean, the little one's only eight--what the hell does she know about politics?
I know! Let's use my combination TimeMachine/Eavesdropper to go back and listen in for a few seconds right before the photo was taken:

Mrs. Saint-R-Us: Kids, we need to go out and speak before the media.
Eight-yr-old-with-doll: Again? Why?
Little round-faced boy: Yeah, mom, why?
Mrs. S: Because Daddy didn't win his re-election, honey! Daddy's out of a job! Remember, I told you this might happen if the heathens of this state got their way!
Older girl: You mean the gays and the liberals defeated Daddy?
Mrs. S: Well, yes, with the help of the devil. You know how strong the devil can be, especially here in Pennsyl-tucky! Those satan-worshipping liberals and gay people hurt Daddy tonight!
Eight-yr-old: Waaaahhhh!!!!

Let the healing begin.


FranIAm said...

Um, you know how I feel about Rick...

dguzman said...

Don't we all? I hear he's trying to finagle a speaking tour. As if! Buddy, your brand of hatred is on the way out!

CDP said...

Doesn't matter that it happened a year ago...reading about Santorum losing his Senate seat never gets old, does it?

dguzman said...

Nope, CDP, it never does! *giggle*

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Brilliant post. Can you hear my applause?

dguzman said...

Thanks, Monkey -- I'm so glad that the tide is turning! I'm proud of my little county for wising up and rejecting the good old boys who used to run everything around here.