Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Must-see TV

My personal hero and future president Dr. Monkey von Monkerstein just posted a brilliant and insightful piece about waterboarding and how disgusting it is that our government not only does it, but pretends it’s not that bad. They even have their cronies in the MSM who write pieces on how it’s okay to do it because it's just sooo effective at yielding information on terrorists.

In the post, Dr. Monkey suggested that we waterboard all these BushCo feckers and THEN ask them just how effective and “not that bad” it is, which would, frankly, be a just punishment for their lying-sack-o-shit selves.

However, it occurred to me that we might go one better. Picture this:

Put all the BushCo a-holes, both past and present (Rummy, Condi, Cheney, Wolfie, Kristol, Mukasey, Powell, Babs the Impaler, Crazy Eyes, Jenna and Not-Jenna, all of ’em), into a big room.
Bring in some of these “questioners” who are ordered to waterboard people and let them set-up for their “interrogation”—whatever they need—buckets, water, bags for the heads, etc.

Have the questioners select a person at random from the BushCo studio audience. After all, I’m sure one of them has eaten falafel or couscous or something lately, and we know what a great indicator of terrorist activity that is. They can start with anyone--Cheney, for instance. He’s probably got lots of information in that satanic head of his; let's see how much he'll spill when he's being "questioned."
Force the BushCos to watch as that person is waterboarded. Then another person. Then another. Have a TV camera panning between the torture and the BushCos. None of them will be allowed to leave or look away. I mean, they claim this is an effective tactic that isn’t that bad, right? Shouldn’t be that big a deal. Just a few minutes of waterboarding per person, nothing like day-long sessions or anything.

Broadcast this scene LIVE on prime-time TV. Have ads leading up to the broadcast encouraging everyone to tune in for an important matter of national security.

Then let’s see how long these fuckers last before the American people rise up and throw them bodily out of their government offices and onto the streets of D.C.


Randal Graves said...

What a great idea. Run for President.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Great post. We need to keep reminding people how bad things are under those crooks and liars.

dguzman said...

Thanks Randal and Dr. M.

It drives me insane to think that some people still think the Iraq war was justified, Bush is still a great president, and the economy's getting stronger every day--completely uninformed, ignorant of the truth, and happily so.

Distributorcap said...

i just want to see Rush Limbaugh waterboarded ---- i just want to see that

so today from Mr Redstate whom i work with "see i told you the surge was working"

i buried my face in the computer screen before i lost it on the 6th floor

Anonymous said...

The surge is working - if one means by that that the US has bought off most of the insurgents and lets them patrol neighborhoods, while turning a blind eye towards their activity, and that much of the ethnic cleansing that went on in the war, and destruction of civil socity is a fait accomplis.

The situation in Iraq now seems to be a pause in the violence (not a cessation of it) - a window of opportunity, perhaps, not to be missed. But it ISN'T a return to civil society.

What intriques me is that shops being open is always used as the measure of civil society, these days. Isn't that telling? "Go out and Shop!" says Bush. I don't know how much civil society there can be when the neighborhood warlord is ready to beat up, imprison, or maybe disappear whoever is even rumored to 'step out of line'. But people can presumably shop and maybe that's the important thing (if all you care about is the global movement of money).

Re torture, my personal favorite is the stress position. I used to work as an artist's model years ago. I can personally attest that even the most relaxed position can be excruciating to hold for long periods of time - and by long periods, I mean as little as five minutes. So when I think about holding a stress position for hours or days, I can only begin to imagine how painful and physically harmful and mentally destructive that must be.

dguzman said...

D-cap, I hear stuff like that every damned day at work, all under the ever-present cafeteria big-screen TV set permanently on Fox "News." I avoid the cafeteria except when I need a cup of coffee.

Fillip--interesting that open shops are an indicator of peace, democracy, and all the other bullshite Bush claimed his war was for. Thanks for the stunningly real example of the stress position--I knew it was bad, but I'd never really thought about it until reading your comment.

GETkristiLOVE said...

And can we let the families who have lost loved ones in Iraq, or the survivors of Hurricane Katrina be at the controls?

dguzman said...

GKL: Hey, if they're up to it, then fine. I think, though, that they would probably balk at doing it, even to these ever-so-deserving demons. But if it gives them a little closure or sweet justice, or even a little sick thrill, who am I to say them "nay?"

FranIAm said...

You are brilliant, do you know that Delia?

This is a most outstanding post.

And great comments too.