Monday, September 22, 2008

A few words about this bailout crap

I want YOU to bail out all my rich pals!

I think anyone who's watched our government "work" for the last eight years could tell you that no matter what the dems or the economists or any other thinking person might say, this proposed $7billion-1trillion bailout of Wall St WILL go through. Every war funding bill (that's basically gone straight into Halliburton's or Blackwater's pockets, or up in smoke in Iraq), every other fucked-up bailout (that probably went straight into some corporate exec's pocket), and every freedom-shredding "anti-terror" bill has rammed right through Congress as though Chimpy and Darth Cheney had guns to the heads of our Congresspersons.

So you just KNOW it's gonna go through.

But let's think about this for a minute.

If Pelosi and Reid could FOR ONCE have some confidence and some caring about the people who elected them, they could attach provisions to this bill. REAL provisions that would re-regulate the corporatocracy, prevent this kind of rampant thievery from happening again, and maybe even benefit you and me--those of us who have to live with this recession that Chimpy and his greedy bloodsucking Wall St jerkoffs have left us with.

Matty Boy suggests attaching new revisions to bankruptcy laws, which is a great idea for many reasons. DCap discusses things from a homeowner's point of view, which brings to my mind the prospect of at least some of this bailout money going to all those Americans who've lost their homes thanks to these corporate assholes.

So let's take it a step farther. Think about it. If Pelosi and Reid have EVER been in a position to rack Chimpy's balls on something, this is it. We know this bill will pass, no matter what--there's no way in hell Chimpy could get away with vetoing it. So don't just give in, dems! Let's play some fucking hardball with these assholes! We could almost (almost!) put "abortion rights for all, forever!" on there, and--unless Bush wants to be in some huge fucking trouble with his rich-jerk pals--he couldn't veto the bailout without risking more bank failures. We could finally put Chimpy's nuts in a vice and squeeze like there's no tomorrow!
Looks lak it's time fer me to give another blowjob to Wall Street! Those guys never get tired!

So think big, Democrats. Not only can we make this stupid bailout work for us, but now is the time to start laying the groundwork for President Obama's first term. This bailout is going to handicap him even worse than he already is, right? He'll be so far in the budget hole (to the tune of $10 trillion and counting) that he'll be in China (almost literally). This trillion dollar bailout could be a death knell for any kind of serious reform that will benefit you and me. So let's put something meaningful in there, something that will prevent this shit from happening again--at least for the reasons it happened this time (aka greedy bloodsuckers running free with zero regulation).

What kinds of provisions and or financial reforms would you attach to this bailout?


CDP said...

I'd use the bailout as leverage to force administration officials to actually ANSWER subpoenas and face questioning before Congress. I'd aldo tack on an increase in the corporate income tax, and a Sarbanes-Oxley type of requirement to hold corporate executives accountable for performance and end the so-called "golden parachute". Now, we as taxpayers have every right to demand that corporate executive pay is regulated, since we know that every damn corporate failure will be paid for by us.

enc said...

cdp has a few good ideas up there.^^ I'm with her on all of those.

*Sigh.* I wish we could push something like abortion rights, but I know Chimpy toes the Republican party line, so I don't have any faith that he will do the right thing.

I'm exhausted by all the news these days. It's very discouraging.

Randal Graves said...

That all politicians currently in Congress and in the White House save those pro-impeachment be placed on a motorless, rudderless boat and pulled towards Antarctica before the rope is cut and they drift amidst the crumbling ice shelves, the survivors having to resort to cannibalism.

Hey, you never said it had to be realistic.

dguzman said...

CDP--brilliant, especially the regulation of corporate pay.

Enc--I know. Me too.

Randall--but your description makes it seem sooo realistic in my mind. *sigh*

Matty Boy said...

My view as of Tuesday is JUST SAY NO! We've heard these goons talk about dire consequences before, and they've all been bullshit.

Let the next president solve this one.

Anonymous said...

CDP has great ideas. I would add language that would actually MAKE banks work with homeowners to rewrite loan terms or allow judges to do so in bankruptcy proceedings.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Your legislative process seems really complex compared to ours. We just bring down the government whenever bills don't pass.

Anonymous said...

The first thing on the table is to require all the foreclosed mortgages to be redone. But mcCain is up to his eyeballs in this one and they have him good. Rick Davis is ready to be thrown under the bus with his receiving $15,000/month from FM x 2. And he was receiveing it up through July. McCain is gonna claim that Davis never told him, and fire him. this is such a mess and such a mindblowing help to Obama's campaign. The polls are just going crazy now.