Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Because I do whatever FranSheIs asks me to!

Here's an interesting "profile of an Obama voter" meme started by Jew gal Katie Schwartz. Fran asked me to answer the questions, and I did my best:

1) What is your name (nickname, whatever you're comfortable sharing), your age (range), gender, occupation, income bracket (range), how you identify (gay/straight/whatever)? Married/Single/Divorced? Kids (how many)?
My name is Delia. I’ve just turned 44, and I’m in a super-lower-level marketing position. My income is a pretty shitty low-30s. I’m gay, newly separated from my partner of six and a half years. She has a 12yo daughter that I consider my child as well.

2) What are the most important issues to you in this presidential election and why?
I’d say the big issues are ending the Iraq/Afghanistan occupations, fixing our circling-the-drain economy, and repealing the shit from the last eight years (ending tax cuts for wealthy, re-regulating business again as it used to be, bringing education back to the forefront in a meaningful way rather than bullshit testing, etc.).

3) Why do you think voters should vote for Obama/Biden, what differentiates this ticket from McCain/Palin?
I won’t say I’ve supported Obama since the beginning, because I didn’t. I liked Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. But Obama and Biden have the best chance of changing the things I mentioned in #2. McCain and Palin are merely empty greedy power-hungry freaks who just want to continue and intensify the theocracy/corporatocracy that Bush/Cheney put into place. Obama could pretty much sacrifice a goat on national TV and I’d STILL vote for him. Joe Biden’s a good guy.

4) If McCain/Palin wins this election, where do you see our country going in the next four years?
I’m guessing a McCain/Palin “victory” (there’s no way those idiots could win legitimately) would mean more of the same from the past eight years. I don’t know how many more big institutions can fail before we go Hooverville, but I feel strongly that we would because McCain would do nothing to address the tax cuts for the wealthy, ending the Iraq mess, or regulating business to get it back under control. I think that the corporate world would become even more bald-faced about their desire to steal all they can from their shareholders and then get out just before the whole thing goes belly up. Once that starts happening, and people en masse are put out of work, and gas goes up to ten dollars a gallon or more, we’ll pretty much be ripe for absolute anarchy. No other country would bother invading us because we’d just be a bunch of hungry mouths to feed, so I’m not worried about that. I’m just thinking the economy will collapse much as it did in the 1929 crash, and we’ll be in for a long hellish depression.

5) Economically, where do you think this country is today and how do you think Obama/Biden can make a positive impact?
I’m no economic genius, but even I know this country is in train-wreck mode. The corporatocracy is just about the point where the execs are going to pretty much just start out-right stealing and leaving, without bothering to hide it. Pols like McCain will make that inevitable. Obama/Biden are the only ones who might try to slow it down. The corporatocracy is firmly in charge and thus is immune in many ways, no matter who’s president. That’s obvious when CEOs trash companies then get paid hundreds of millions of dollars to just disappear. If Obama/Biden do nothing more than simply reinstate the regulations that Reagan et al. tore down, we’d already be better off.

6) In the past 8-years, how do you think this country has changed under the Bush regime? Have you been affected by these changes? If so, in what ways?
The scariest thing to me is how anti-education America has become. We are the American Idol culture, more concerned about stupid shit like Britney Spears and whether we can have a beer with the president than about science, economy, and the future we’re leaving for our children. I won’t even start on the government’s domestic spying and how easily they’ve gotten local police to do their dirty work for them. Makes martial law seem that much closer.

7) I have read that Palin is considered the new voice of feminism, which is offensive in my opinion. Of equal concern are her views on abortion and the removal of books from libraries. I'd like to know what you think about all of that and how you feel about McCain choosing Palin as a running mate. And what kind of message you think that sends to women?
Palin’s the anti-feminist, having taken power in a remote outreach of the country where wackos and separatists abound. Caribou Barbie can shoot a gun and sling insults like a pro, but she’s a tool of the patriarchy. She portrays herself as the “traditional mom” with a sarcastic edge—like an Eskimo version of Roseanne Barr. Trouble is, Roseanne never tried to be president. She never took herself too seriously, and her persona wasn’t a real person—so whatever parenting mistakes she made were fictional. Palin really IS the Roseanne character gone turbo, with drug-addicted and pregnant-teen kids. She has somehow escaped the holier-than-thou scrutiny of her party of freaks because she can talk tough, I guess. (Well, that, and the far right is a bunch of idiots.) The sad thing is that she thinks she actually deserves this spot on the ticket, and perhaps for that reason I have a tiny bit of pity for her. But only a tiny bit.

Thanks, Fran, and I'll gently tag --um--Jess Wundrun? DCap? And whoever else feels like they need a post idea. I'd love to hear PoP's thoughts on these questions, but I know she doesn't do teh memes.


FranIAm said...

You are amazing- so fast and so good!

Great answers, which is why I tagged you baby!

DivaJood said...

Great answers. Like you, I was not on the Obama wagon at first - I was for Kucinich, then Edwards, then Obama. Now, the more I watch him in action, the more I like him. To the point where I went into the Culver City Campaign office today to make calls. I'm fired up!

Katie Schwartz said...

Loved your answers, especially about re-regulating companies and in that way how immediately we'd feel the difference economically.

Another point you made that struck me was that Palin is a tool for the patriarchy-- brilliant!

Nice to e-meet you and ya blog, toots.

enc said...

I love reading posts like this, and learning about my fellow bloggers. I agree with you that a Republican "victory" would only mean more of the same dirt sandwiches we've been eating for years.

Katie Schwartz said...

Posted! http://katieschwartz.blogspot.com/2008/09/poliqs-of-great-importance-from-5-great.html

PS: The word verification code was sooo close to Schwartz, it was "shwrt". It's a sign, dahlink, a sign.

BeckEye said...

Hey, don't go dragging American Idol into this, now! ;)

dguzman said...


DivaJood--I'm lucky enough to live in a solidly blue area; I just wish I could volunteer in Ohio or someplace.

Katie--thanks! Glad to meet you too.

Enc--you should do this on your blog; I know yours is more fashion, less politics; but I'd be interested to see your answers.

Katie--*blush* and thanks for the linky love!

Beckeye--I knew you'd say that! You, I respect. Those morons out there thinking that AI is the be-all end-all of existence? Idiots.

CDP said...

Good answers. And sorry to hear about your separation.

Randal Graves said...

I think I'm going to have Fran get you to publicly renounce the Cowboys, 'cause you know, you'd do whatever she asked you to.

Just don't volunteer in my county, we're the bluest one in the state, and thus only ripe for e-stealing.

On second thought, are you a technowizard? We might need your help!

dguzman said...


Randal--NEVAH! Nevah, I tell you!

Bubs said...

Great post. I'm more concerned about the economy than any other issue (but I see the main issues that many people mention--the economy, Iraq, health insurance, energy policy--as being inextricably linked. I really liked what you said here:

"...even I know this country is in train-wreck mode. The corporatocracy is just about the point where the execs are going to pretty much just start out-right stealing and leaving, without bothering to hide it. Pols like McCain will make that inevitable. Obama/Biden are the only ones who might try to slow it down."

You hit it right on the head there.

I don't expect miracles from Obama, I just want someone to slow down and stop the bleeding.