Thursday, March 06, 2008

Recaptioned Condi pic

h/t to Princess Sparkle Pony for the photo

Condi: Okay, now, ya'll, like we gotta really show our spirit like this week for the football team! Yeah! They're like playing really really hard, and like we gotta show 'em how much like spirit we have and stuff! Yay!

Tzipi: This is like a nightmare.


FranIAm said...

The woman who inspired my own personal favorite comment of mine... when all I did was comment and anonymously at that!

A photo of these two - but a very different one and I say "You had me at shalom!

This one inspires my dream that Tzipi is saying "Gai kocken affen yam. That whole l'condel business is so true."

(Go shit in the ocean...)

dguzman said...

Fran--you kill me. Tzipi has definitely had enough Sec of State for one lifetime.

Distributorcap said...

i went to DC and all i got was this lousy secy of state

dguzman said...

Good one, Dcap!