Wednesday, March 26, 2008

If I were talking like a pirate...

...then this makes sense:



karenzipdrive said...


Earl Cootie said...

Hope there's some plank-walking too.

Anonymous said...

I have always viewed Impeachment as a Republican thing because, I have thought that as a group they did not understand the Constitution. It has always seemed to me that the ballot box was a lot stronger.

Having said that I do not think we can get rid of DUBA and his gang of crooks too soon.

Matty Boy said...

Or if you talked like a leftist leprechaun.

I don't know how old Rick is, but impeachment was definitely a Democratic thing when Nixon was in and then thankfully out of office.

Or at least it was "on the table."

dguzman said...

Avast there, Zippy!

Earl--let's hope!

Rick--Matty Boy's right--democrats were behind the effort to impeach Nixon, but he opted to resign before the whole deal went down. Dems today, however, obviously lack the spine to uphold our Constitution. I agree with you, however, that republicans--at least not Bush and Cheney--don't understand the Constitution; or else they just don't respect it or give a shit about it.

Matty-Boy--with ya there.