Thursday, April 10, 2008

and DOWN goes Fray-zha!

Holy smokes, I might as well give it up.

I thought my Cuss-O-Meter rating was going to be one of those records like Hank Aaron's, seemingly untouchable. Alas, a non-steroidal Barry Bonds of blogging has blown my mark to fucking smithereens!

My rating:
Lovely, and cringe-worthy... but then:

HOLY SHIT. I bow to my worthy adversary, and I congratule her on fucking domination of the dirty words.


Splotchy said...

Thanks for not mentioning my score.

Karen Zipdrive said...

If I knew how to install one of those fucking meters, I'd kick all y'alls' butts.

CDP said...

Damn, I thought yours was pretty fucking high, too, but JW is kicking your bird-watching ass. That shit is messed up. Son of a bitch.

(OK, now try it again. Assuming comments are included, I might have helped your score. You're welcome)

dguzman said...

Oh Splotch, I got yer back.

Karen, that's probably true--I'd plug you in, but you'd break the fucker.


Mary Ellen said...

Hey, how do I get my cuss-o-meter score? I have no doubt, I could melt the ##&%# down! Of course, I would need to redeem myself in the confessional afterwards, but it would be fun to see if I could get that sucker to smoke.

CDP said...

Dguzman--you're welcome!

Mary Ellen--if you're bleeping yourself in other people's comment threads, then I have serious doubts that you can, in fact, bring it.

Mary Ellen said...

cdp- You've never seen me in action, kiddo. Believe me, I can cuss with the best of have NO idea!

Utah Savage said...

What the fuck! I am the world champ of cussing. I could blow all y'all out of the mother-fucking water and will happily take anyone on in the cussing wars. I can cuss in three languages. The only reason I don't cuss more in my posts is I have a fussy administrator who thinks no one will take me seriously if I cuss in my posts, so I have been censoring myself for the good of all. Now I'm going to stop that shit and let it fly. So where can I get a cuss-o-meter?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I love chicks who cuss.

Tengra said...

My rating was near 0%. Gosh, it made me so doggone angry, I could spit.

Bet my score just went up, huh?



dguzman said...

This calls for an update!

Randal Graves said...

I think I might actually be swearing less and using that unspoken rage to create new and exciting ulcers. Golly, that's the only explanation for my low score.

dguzman said...

hee hee hee!

Utah Savage: Welcome to the blog!

Monkey--cool! Maybe then you'll finally develop a crush on me, instead of throwing all that monkey-love to Whiskeymarie!

Tengrain--honored to have you here! Um, perhaps you should check the definition of "cuss," however.... darnit.

Randal--I was shocked at how low your score was! They're obviously not paying any fucking attention.