Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An informal comment poll

I'm curious to find out whether anyone but the pundits is actually paying attention to what Reverend Wright says. Do you think anyone will change his/her vote over this?
Personally, I couldn't give a shit; I doubt Obama is at all influenced by anything the Rev Wright ever said or did. I think the media is just taking this chance to ensure their corporatocracy continues by trashing Obama and Clinton for whatever reasons they can find; then McGeezer Bush will win and they can continue with their business as usual.

But what do you think? Is this just the media's latest little whoopie cushion, and they're just blowing it up and sitting on it over and over and laughing at the fart noises, all for their own amusement? Or do you think regular people like you and me are actually paying attention to this "story"?

Please answer in the comments.


Liberality said...

What you said about the fart noises they make...yeah, that's what I think about the MSM in general and their coverage of news stories.

FranIAm said...


Oh that.

CDP said...

Some people do take it seriously; they're the same people who were upset about Obama's comment about people clinging to religion. Many analysts got this wrong. No one is mad at him for saying that working class people are bitter; they're mad because he seemed to connect faith to bitterness...in other words, they'd stop being religious if they were in better financial circumstances.

People can agree with me or disagree with me, and if Obama's the nominee, I'll certainly vote for him. I just worry about the traditional blue collar Democratic voter, like my mom and my aunts and uncles. Stuff like this matters to them (but for the record, my mom and my Vietnam vet uncle think that the flag lapel pin issue is bullshit), and some of them might end up voting Republican because they have a hard time separating Obama from the man who yelled "God damn America" from the pulpit. If the Democratic party wouldn't treat these people with contemptuous condescension, there might never even have been such a thing as a "Reagan Democrat".

Sorry to hijack your comments!

Dean Wormer said...

I like the whoopie cushion analogy except it's a funeral and the media are the only ones snickering and laughing.

It's important because they say it's important and they say it's important because they think it's important and they're important people after all.

In a larger sense I've seen democrats try and break the media narrative unsuccesfully for at least the last two presidential elections, only to have them go down in flames. I'm hoping Obama is the one to finally do it but he's facing monumental challenges in doing so.

Anonymous said...

He is pretty much a prototypical liberation pastor. He is wrong on most points, especially the AIDS issue. I am sure the US gov't. could come up with something better than an AIDS virus if they were intent on wiping out a segment of the population. I am thinking that he neglected to take his meds for a couple of days running.

Anonymous said...

The story wouldn't be a story if it weren't for the media and I don't think that some of them are going to let it go.

Mathman6293 said...

I find this issue painful to listen to. Arg...

Bubs said...

It won't change anyone's votes, but it will make it more likely for the anti-Obama vote to come out. F*cking Rev. Wright is about all I've heard at work for the past few weeks.

I had a horrible moment earlier today where I just had the feeling that Obama was done now, and McCain will be the next president.

Matty Boy said...

Not watching TV news, I don't get the indignation part of it. If the media could ask impertinent questions and get answers, I'd like them to ask the candidates for three people they will be cabinet members should they get elected. That would give us a much better idea of their administration than talking to their preachers.

dguzman said...

Liberality--sure seems that way to me.

Fran--I hear ya.

CDP--I worry too; I don't understand how people can allow themselves to be so manipulated, but they do. Scary.

Dean--why is it that we can't turn the story to our advantage? It seems like the facts are all on our side, and yet the corporate media STILL twists everything we do into something bad. Again--it comes down to how easily people are manipulated in this country, and it saddens me.

Rick--he's definitely hamming it up now, as though he wants to milk that 15 minutes in the spotlight for all its worth. I actually agree with some of what he says, but it seems to me that he's just going for shock value now. Perhaps he's angling for a book deal.

DCup--exactly. Again, the manipulation and the corporate media's ability to focus attention on bullshit instead of real issues.

Mathman--me too, buddy, me too.

Bubs--I had a moment like that yesterday too, where I could see it all just going to hell. I just have to hope we're wrong.

MattyBoy--I only see it here at work, but the other day Wolf Blitzer (idiot) spent HOURS dissecting Wright's comments etc. I was waiting for a little special sidebar on what kind of cereal he likes to eat, what his favorite color is, and how both things prove he's the devil incarnate.

Sorghum Crow said...

It's effing ridiculous. Even NPR has turned into the all Wright, all the time station. There's real news and issues that matter out there. Pentagon moles in the media, torture, a sub-moron in the White House, etc. etc. etc.

Randal Graves said...

Americans like controversial crap, whether real, manufactured, or a combination of both. Sure, the average American idiot WOULD rather blab about economic stuff (the only thing that really gets their goat) but shiny objects are quite distracting.

Easy call for the station managers.

dguzman said...

Crow--I know, it makes me so mad to hear NPR doing these idiotic stories about Wright and that Hannah Montana kid. Whatever happened to pure hard news?

Randal--that's exactly it -- attracted by the shiny shit. Sad.

TomCat said...

For people who are focused on issues, Wright's don't matter. For sheeple who are focused on the infotainment and infoganda served-up by the broadcast MSM, they will have at least some impact.

dguzman said...

Tomcat--it's kinda sad how easily answered that is, seeing as how there are so damned many "sheeple who are focused on the infotainment and infoganda served-up by the broadcast MSM"

TomCat said...

Sad indeed. :-(

vikkitikkitavi said...

I think the people who are inclined to doubt Obama anyway will be swayed, and those who aren't, won't.

Anonymous said...

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