Thursday, August 28, 2008

Your thoughts on Bill and John

So what did everyone think of Bill Clinton's speech last night? I happened to be in the car and heard it on NPR. Wish I had thought to have it on when Hillary spoke the other night, but oh well. I'd also like to have heard Michelle Obama.

I also heard some of John Kerry's speech. Was anyone energized by him?


CDP said...

I missed John Kerry's speech, but I thought Bill Clinton was great. I tried my best to stay awake through Biden's speech, but I was exhausted and missed half of it.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Bill was as good as he needed to be. The thing with Kerry was why the hell wasn't he this good in 2004?

Matt said...

I missed Kerry's speech but was very impressed with both Clinton's. Monkey is right, Bill said everything that he needed to say and said it with conviction. He is still a great orator.

However, I believe that the highlight to this point was Hillary's speech. While I won't say it was GREAT speech it was very moving and what the party needed. If she wants she has set herself up to play a major role in the party and come out of this smelling like roses.

Biden's speech was ok. I think they did him a huge disservice by making him follow Bill. It was clear in the hall that Bill was who they came to see and his speach was an afterthought.

Biden attacked Jon McCain for 95% of his speach which I think is going to be his role in the campaign since BO has clearly taken a position that he won't get dirty.

Just my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Kerry got back for some of the shit they did to him. Bill was brilliant as one would expect and did exactly what he needed to. Beau biden was the surprise hit I thought, and Joe was good, but who can follow Bill? Joe was real and that is the most important part of his role as I see it. He connects with the average joe.

enc said...

I missed the whole thing. I'll have to live vicariously through those who heard it.

Dad E said...

Kerry really gave an energized, point-on speech. I kept thinking, at last he is attacking the hypocrisies. lies and distortions. But he doesn't have the ability to look warm and open. He is too bound up with his persona.

But, I still have a hard time understanding why people voted for Bush over him. Kerry at least has a brain that can filter out the bullshit.

FranIAm said...

As others have said - where was that John Kerry in 04?

Bill was great and short winded by his standards... thankfully.

But I just read at another blog that they used (i did not notice)Addicted to Love as he exited. Holy crap!

dguzman said...

CDP--I missed Biden too. I heard a little of Kerry but he didn't move me much.

Dr. Monkey--yes, he was good and he didn't do any passive aggressive sore-loser shit. That alone made me proud. And Kerry? I just think the guy's a robot.

Matt--Good observations; I too felt bad for Biden having to follow Bill. Still, he does best when he's on the attack.


Enc--I don't think you'll suffer for missing it.

Dad E--that's the great mystery of our time, isn't it? I still can't believe that Chimpy legitimately beat him.

Fran--OMG--I didn't hear that! I was listening to the cute-sounding NPR lady. Dangit! ha ha ha!