Monday, December 22, 2008

Secret Santa 2009! Merry holiday, XUP!

I was Secret Santa for the Ex-Urban Pedestrian, whose blog I discovered a while back while looking through the blogroll of Dr. Monkey von Monkerstein. Here's what I got for XUP.

First, as XUP is from Canada, I thought I'd give her a little taste of the official footware of my home state:

Next, for those wild parties, here's a set of recycled magazine-page coasters:

Finally, I asked the Dalai Lama to send XUP and her native Canada some good vibes, and he was kind enough to say "Take off, hoser!" That Dalai Lama's such a kidder.
I hope you liked your presents, XUP, and I hope your holidays--however you celebrate them--are a ton o' fun!
Thanks to Dr. Zaius and his evil hench-wench Germaine Gregarious for coming up with the bloggy Secret Santa idea!


Liberality said...

Happy holiday Dguzman! Remember to keep up that war on rampant consumerism!

enc said...

V. generous, dguz. You're a great gift-giver.

dguzman said...

Liberality--fighting Walmart as we speak!

Enc--thanks! So are you!