Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bathroom humor

Oh Larry, if only you'd been in a bathroom with one of these latches, you wouldn't be in this awful fix! (Spotted not only at the university but at the bowling alley!)

Speaking of bathrooms, look at what I walked into this morning at work:

Meet Henry the Hand, invented back in the 1990s by some anthopomorphizing sociopath, advising me on how to wash my mitts which, sadly, have no names. (or faces, t-shirts, shorts, or red and white "shoes")

Henry's website is rather --er--ENERGETIC!:

Welcome to the MOST COMPREHENSIVE Primary Infection
Prevention Program in the world for respiratory and
gastro-intestinal diseases! If WE ALL comply with the 4
Principles of Hand Awareness there will NOT be a
Powerful and True!! Together WE CAN make a difference!

Henry even tries to fire us up with a little competition!
Forget the typo for a second, and ponder the possibilities of a "jingle/rap/song" about washing one's hands.

That, as they say, is your moment of Zen.


Sorghum Crow said...

You do know that this is National hand washing week, don't you? I just decorated my faucets and strung lights on my Purell dispenser.

Randal Graves said...

I bet circus clowns sometimes wear shoes on their hands when they're doing tricks. Why do you hate circuses, and by extension, America?

CDP said...

No flatulence jokes? See, when I see the title "Bathroom humor", that's what I expect.

Anonymous said...

You expect me to ignore that missing 'i' and think about something else?

pissed in NYC said...

Am I the only one out there who does not feel better that restaurants must post "employees must wash hands after using the bathroom" signs in the restrooms? Maybe it's me, but I would rather have restaurants hire people who don't have to be told.

Bubs said...

I love public health reminders. Thanks!

FranIAm said...

The skin on my knuckles is raw, but I am germ free.

Oh wait, got to go wash again... Hennn-reeeeeeeeee!

dguzman said...

SorCrow--'tis the season!

Randal--I hate clowns!

CDP--I was leading you on intentionally!

DCup--I know!!!! It makes me crazy every time I go pee.

PiNY--went to a restaurant in Cape May NJ where the sign not only discussed mandatory (duh) handwashing, but the effects of FECAL MATTER in food!

Bubs--somehow, I'm not surprised.


enc said...

I don't think I can PARTICPATE in any contest that has typos.

My word verification was "glugg." Isn't that epic?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It is good to know that we will be safe from unwanted intruders in the bathroom at the bowling alley though. Intruders wouldn't even be that bad if they would just wash their hands!

Anonymous said...

O Great One:

On an off-topic question about your Dreams of Impeachment, does the Impeachment of Blagojovitvh count as an Impeachment Dream?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Here's my entry for the jingle contest.

Yo yo yo
Wash yo hands when ya pee
No muthafucks gonna wanna
Pee on yo hands, do you fuckin' feel me?
Yo yo yo
Pee is way not cool
An shit on yo hands
Makes you look like a fool
So wash yo hands, muthafucka,
just do it
Use water n' soap, they ain't nuthin' to it.

Snave said...

A rap song about washing one's hands? That makes me think lovingly of the "Butt Out" episode from season 7 of South Park. If you want to see badly-done rapping, that episode satisfies.

This post also made me think of R. Crumb's "Tommy Toilet" poster from way back when. You can go here to see it:

For those of us who do love the flatulence and poo humor, Tommy is almost worthy of worship.

dguzman said...

Enc--me neither!


Anonymous--you had me "O Great One." I haven't done much on Dirty Hair-y (ba-dump-bump!) or his threatened impeachment. I just think they should get a really big bouncer to bodily remove him from his office, kick him down the IL capitol steps, and change the locks.

Zipdrive--you're a fucking GENIUS.

Snave--WOW. Thanks for that hilarious Crumb link.