Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mixed emotions -- and stomach contents

You know how sometimes when you go out with friends, and you're all drinking your heads off, and having a great time -- there's that moment. That moment when, after feeling like you're so fucking happy, having such an awesome time, and you're so happy to be alive -- that moment when right after feeling so wonderful, you realize it: you're about to hurl. You've just sipped one cosmo too many, and you're gonna be sick. Bad things are about to happen, and you're powerless to stop them because you had one drink too many. Sometimes it's even just one sip too many.

Whatever the case, in that terrible moment, you know you're about to see all those drinks -- and god only knows what else, maybe your liver? -- come roaring back out of your belly and onto the ground or the seat of the taxicab or someplace.

You know that moment.

That's how I felt as I watched the beautiful and brilliant Rachel Maddow discussing Bush's efforts to rewrite his fucked-up legacy into something like that of an FDR -- liberator of peoples, gosh-darn nice guy who talks about a "do-over" on Iraq, and so forth.

There's that one shining moment in which you see the sweet dykey loveliness of Rachel, and all is right with the world because you know she's about to say something smart and interesting and cool.

But then it happens -- that moment. The name "BUSH" is mentioned, and in that moment you know you're gonna vomit all over yourself, your friends, and anyone and anything that's in range.

Watch the video. You'll know what I mean.


Dusty said...

I never miss my beloved Rachel. Hell, I will pass on KO if I have to pick these days.

What. a. great. post!

46 days m'dear..46 fucking days left...then the cleanup begins. Buddha save us.

CDP said...

I love her, too; hers is the only show that I try to make a point of seeing. And my four year old had a hissy fit when Arianna Stassinopoulos was subbing for her a couple of weeks ago..."THAT'S not Rachel Maddow! WHERE'S Rachel Maddow?"

Randal Graves said...

She makes me wanna be a lesbian. It's funny how just mentioning Bush does that, huh. I can't even talk about the fucker without wanting to throw things around the room.

Sherry Peyton said...

I am astounded that dolt thinks he can literally write his legacy to suit himself. I am shocked Rove is helping him. His interviews are awful, almost sarah Palinish in their inept and grammatical erratic way. Does he honestly think he can fool the scholars? I am amazed and sickened, yes vomitously so whenever I think of Chimpy and how any country could elect that fool twice!

Anonymous said...

Rachel is on right now! I caught that last night and threw something at Bush's pathetic mug.

If Rachel came calling, I would climb down off the fence for good.

FranIAm said...

I have seen that video. I should not be shocked by Bush and Co but somehow I am. And offended!!

dguzman said...

Dusty-thanks! They're the only reason I wish I had TV.

CDP--I remember when 4yo had that fit! hee hee! You're raising him right.

Randal--ha ha! You'd make a good one, buddy. Chimpy's voice gives me hives.

Sherry--hello and welcome! Of course Rove would help him--why not? He sold out long ago. Doesn't Chimpy look drunk tho?

DCup--oh fine, you'd do it for her, but not for me? (kidding! Love you, Mathman!)

Fran--yes, it's vomitrocious.

Dean Wormer said...

Rachel is the best personality on television AND the radio (sorry Keith.)

I get to hear her radio program more than watch her show and always get bummed when she has someone fill in for her.

Re: Bush's legacy - he can run but he can't hide.

dguzman said...

Dean--I'm worried that he won't HAVE to hide, that he'll be allowed to get away with his war crimes for the sake of "moving on" or "anti-partisanship" or some other bullshit like that.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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