Friday, August 06, 2010

I got a little bone to pick

the senator in question

It's been a few days since I heard this idiotic statement during an NPR story on Missouri's vote against the Obama healthcare bill, but it's been bugging the hell out of me. Here's the statement, made by Missouri state senator Jane Cunningham, who is of course a republican:
It is unprecedented in the United States of America for a government to say just because you live in this land and you breathe in this land, you will buy a product, any product, with your own money against your will. That has never before happened in America.
Now I don't want to talk about stupid Missouri thinking they can make a state law that will trump federal law (BTW, hello, Arizona, the "stupid" tag applies to you too). That's not the bone I want to pick.

No, what I have a problem with is the stupidity of republican talking points, this one being just the latest in the ever-escalating moronic talking points of the republican/tea party.

Let's take a look at this statement which Sen. Cunningham blasts at the oh-so-unfair idea of getting everyone health insurance so that we're not going broke paying for people to go to the ER all the fucking time because they have no insurance. (oops, sorry, I picked at another bone there. Sorry.)

So "never before" has it "happened in America" that we, who "live in this land and... breathe in this land," have been forced by "a government" to "buy a product, any product, with [our] own money against our will" -- is that your contention, senator? Is that your problem with the health care law? It's "unprecedented?"

Because I have to call bullshit on that, madam. Why, you ask? Let me offer you a short list of "products" we as living breathing Americans have been forced by this government to pay for with our own money and against our will:
1. Iraq War
2. Afghan War
3. War on drugs
4. the first Gulf War
Shall I go on? Because believe me, I could think of PLENTY of "products" this government has used our money to pay for even though many of us were pretty fucking against them. We paid our money in taxes so that King Georgie McChimp could pretty much just give it to his rich friends, his dad, Halliburton, and BlackWater. And yet I don't remember you speaking up for those of us who didn't want that "product" and didn't want our money spent on that product.

But now, when our president tries to actually do something for people BESIDES those rich friends and family -- whether it's gonna work or not, the effort and intention were there, Senator -- NOW you want to argue that "It is unprecedented in the United States of America for a government to say just because you live in this land and you breathe in this land, you will buy a product, any product, with your own money against your will. That has never before happened in America"?

NOW you're saying this? Like the government has NEVER BEFORE shoved some bullshit policy or imperialist war or tax cut for the super-rich down our throats and demanded we pay for it?

Bullshit, Senator Cunningham. Bullshit. Oh, and your haircut is freaky.

But I digress.

Now go back to your local library, Senator, and read the Constitution. Read some constitutional law. Because, as University of Missouri School of Law professor Richard Reuben said in that same NPR story, "This should be a no-brainer for the courts. Under the supremacy clause of the Constitution, a state statute that is in direct conflict with a federal statute is simply invalid."


Fran said...

I love you d!!!! You hit it with this one.

She's an idiot. With BAD hair.

Matty Boy said...

In California, you are forced by law to buy auto insurance if you want to drive legally. We are not the only state that does this. I'm pretty sure you can't buy a car that doesn't have seat belts and that is a federal mandate, and there are plenty of other things that the government "forces" you to buy, so she's slightly off base, not surprising for a Republican trying to rile up the villagers with pitchforks.

Randal Graves said...

Excuse me, those four things have *saved* America from becoming Arabic-speaking, coke and heroin abusers.

Johnson said...

Well said. It's crazy that for once tax dollars are potentially going to be spent on something extremely beneficial to Americans and this is the time people choose to freak out about government spending.

dguzman said...

Fran, love you too! I think we could do a series on inane arguments that repugs use. Next up, "gay marriage = instant death for everyone!"

Matty Boy--exactly!

Randal--I almost bought your argument until you implied Americans were not ALREADY coke and heroin abusers.

Johnson--that goes for ALL the spending the president is trying to do. Billions and billions for the war? No problem! A few billion for a social program that will help average Americans? NO! IT COSTS TOO MUCH! THE DEFICIT!

Fran said...

Did you see this?

Steele stupidity and Republican bufoonery of the highest sort!

dguzman said...

Fran, I heard about that. I think the only reason that guy still has his job is that he obviously represents, in all his grand stupidity, the GOP quite nicely.

Liberality said...

That senator makes me ashamed to have been born in that state.

But really, most arguments that repukblicans use are stupid or are for the benefit of the wealthy or their own selves. They are greedy, mean, and they think we are stupid.

But you knew that! Great post :)

dguzman said...

Liberality--thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. But I don't know, those stupid arguments seem to work all the time! And the media never challenges them!

Anonymous said...

Where's Dan Akroyd when we need him? "Jane, you ignorant slut."

dguzman said...