Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hey, Gibbs!

If you think the "professional left" is such a pain in your ass, try winning an election without them.

(I'd love to say "without us," but being a leftie hasn't paid off since I voted twice, once at home and once at college, for Ann Richards in the same election.)
Saint Ann, a proud progressive


Abu Scooter said...

Well, that's pretty much what the White House is trying to do. Just like in 1994, it thinks it can attract enough "independents" to make up for those professional leftists they've pissed off. And, as happened 16 years ago, the tactic is about to turn into a spectacular FAIL.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'm through with those frauds in the White House. They are lackeys of the corporations just like the Bush/Cheney were.

Randal Graves said...

Dead Gus Hall is the only choice. At least until Cthulhu arrives.

gmb said...

I voting third party. If enough of us did, maybe, finally, the democrats will wonder where all "their" votes went to. Or maybe gay folks and their friends can write in "Harvey Milk" for every position. Let them try to figure that out.

Professor Chaos said...

Seems like Dems never want to dance with them that brung 'em. They'll court the professional left to win elections, the once they get in, they're embarrassed to admit that they know them.

dguzman said...

Abu, I'm afraid you're probably right, but then who will we get? President Palin?

Dr Monkey, it sure seems like that, and it's really effing heartbreaking.

Randal--will you be Cthulhu's running mate?

GMB--I'm writing in "Harvey Milk!" Great idea!

Professor--why is that? Why do they just lose their guts when they walk into that big white house?

gmb said...

Thanks, dguzman. Imagine how the dems will react if they see thousands of write ins for Harvey Milk. They will know those were votes they COULD have had, if they weren't spineless assholes.

Judy Salinger said...

A Headsup on Treachery Most Foul: