Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P, Michael Jackson--Questions edition

How does this happen?

How does one make millions over a career, but still be $400 million in debt?

What was your favorite Michael song, either with the Jackson 5 or solo?

Do you think his cause of death will be ruled as "natural causes" or one of those "accidental overdoses" that seems to happen so often with celebs?


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

My favorite Michael Jackson song is PYT.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree. Farah was worth a thousand of Michael. Michael's tormented life has at least achieved release and he's out of his misery. Farah was a brave and beautiful person. There jsut aren't enough of her.

dguzman said...


Anon--Thanks for stopping by. But what I'd say that you "don't agree"? I agree with you that Farrah was beautiful; I didn't know her so I don't know if she was brave--but probably. It takes guts to live with cancer, as opposed to just offing yourself so you don't have to deal with the misery. And what's with the anonymity? Why not sign your name? We don't bite (except for Monkey--he bites. And throws poo).

Anonymous said...

I mean that I don't think that Michael's name is worthy of mention in ths same paragraph as Farah's name.

Dean Wormer said...

If the rumors of Demerol are correct then Jackson left this earth emulating Elvis one last time.

It sounds like he had a personal doctor that was prescribing more than he should.

dguzman said...

Ouch--well, that's kinda harsh. I know he was a freak and all, and possibly a child molester (though I kinda doubt that--I would bet he just had "slumber parties" with the kids and pretended he was a kid too). But he did some good stuff--We Are the World and all that. And I think his song "Man in the Mirror" was really good -- unfortunately the change he made was to turn wacko! Thanks for the debate though!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I imagine toxicology reports will be very telling.

Matty Boy said...

I put up six of my favorites on my blog today, inlcuding a version of I Want You Back by KT Tunstall.

I agree with Dr. Monkey that PYT is the best thing on Thriller, which really was a good album.

I'm more of a Prince fan than a Michael fan. Prince wrote all his greatest hits and he's one hell of a musician. Michael was a much better dancer, and a whole generation of pop stars have followed his example of singing and dancing instead of singing and playing an instrument.

Even though both of them are at least a little crazy, I think Prince is a saner kind of crazy, largely because his lust objects are of an appropriate age.

FranIAm said...

Really really sad at so many levels.


Karen Zipdrive said...

I think his personal physician gave him whatever RX drug he was craving at any given moment. The doc oughtta be prosecuted.
As for favorite MJ songs, I gotta go with:
The Way You Make Me Feel
Human Nature
Billie Jean
Man in the Mirror
Beat It

Anonymous said...

Time would be better spent ivestigating the demise of that annoying pitchman, Bill Mays. Even Bill Mays was worth more than a dozen Michael Jacksons. In tribute, Fox ran a few of his commercials, and quit after their tribute which was in infinitely better taste.

Why is so much time and energy wasted on Jackson (3 days attention), when Ed MacMahon (8 hrs attention), Farah (4 hours attention), and Mays (30 miutes attention) made far more significant contributions to this world?

dguzman said...

Barbara--indeed. I'm sure his doctor just gave him whatever he wanted, and MJ just took too much.

Matty Boy--I think Prince's music is great, but I think he peaked at Purple Rain. Still, he's an incredible musician and a great songwriter, and I doubt his death will come in similar circumstances if only because (as you said) he's just not THAT crazy.

Fran--sad and kinda pathetic, really, at least in my opinion. He had so much and yet couldn't deal with it.

Zipdrive--but those quacks-to-the-stars are never prosecuted, even though they obviously break the "first, do no harm" rule all the time with these messed-up celebs. It's sad.

Anon--okay, we agreed to disagree on some points, but now you've really gone off your rocker: Fawcett, Macmahon, and Billy freakin' Mays "made far more significant contributions to this world?" Gimme me a break. I'm not even going to bother to respond to such a ridiculous statement.

Targa said...

Michael Jackson died? When? What happened? I've been in away hiking the Appalachian mountains. And by 'hiking', I mean 'cheating on my wife'. And the 'Appalachian mountains', I mean 'in Argentina'.

Too soon?

Anonymous said...

MacMahon's legacy is as a role model for teamwork.

Farrah's Legacy is to show what the Ultimate Expression of the Feminine Experience is.

Mays's Legacy is as a role model of honest hard work.

Jackson's Legacy is one tawdry soap opera after another. Are you paying attention to the squabbles about his estate and child custody, if not his legal problems and manner of death?

Jackson's only saving grace is that he did not die at the hands of an angry cuckold while being caught in the act with his pants down. Whoopie! Is he really any better than Sanford or Edwards?

Karen Zipdrive said...

LOL D-Guz, you really catch the anonymous winners, doncha?

dguzman said...

Karen--I tell ya, it's like they have radar. And all of Jackson's charity work (before he became a freak)--I guess that's just nothing compared to Ed Macmahon's "role model for teamwork" contributions. Right.