Thursday, June 11, 2009

I need to lie down... bring me some smelling salts.

Sometimes, I just start smiling, thinking about how grateful I am that we managed to elect Barack Obama instead of the old geezer and the Alaskan freakshow. I think, "Boy, Americans aren't so crazy and dumb after all!"

Then I wake up.

You wanna see some crazy? You wanna see some dumb? Just check out these Princess Sparkle Pony posts, featuring the unedited comments of everyday Americans. By the time you're done, I guarantee you'll feel like you've just gone 15 rounds with an in-his-prime Muhammad Ali.

Sarah Palin's toenails
White Supremacist killer in the Holocaust Museum
More on the Holocaust Museum killer

To think these people work, vote, operate heavy machinery, walk among us, etc. It's truly frightening.


Dean Wormer said...

Those are amazing comments.

I was reading about Sarah Palin taking jabs at David Letterman to the point that Letterman had to apologize and also thinking of how we dodged a bullet. Clearly Letterman was talking about Bristol Palin and not Palin's 14-year old daughter.

So what we have is the zillioneth example of Palin being either a) Too stupid to understand simple things or b) understanding but seeing so dishonest that she's willing to lie to score political points.

Liberality said...

which is why I sometimes desperately want to move out of this country--yes, the morons win in that scenario! But I'm too broke to move out so I keep fighting the good fight against stupidity one library book at a time ;~)

Anonymous said...

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