Monday, May 11, 2009

Allergy help needed

It seems I'm now officially an allergies sufferer. I had previously escaped such dangers as "Cedar Fever" in Austin and "Ragweed Mania" in Dallas, but apparently "Pennsylvania Pollen" is now kicking my ass. I'm all stuffy, my throat is almost swollen shut, my sinuses feel they're underwater, and I'm tired all the time. My eyes water for no reason, and they burn and itch like I've stayed up too late for weeks at a time. This blows!

I've been using my new Neti Pot religiously, and that has helped. I've also tried Zyrtec allergy medicine, but apparently my little histamine receptors are laughing at the weak Zyrtec molecules. I slept a lot this weekend, and that certainly helped me feel better, but most of the sleep was Benadryl-induced, so I'm now all balloony-headed too.

I'll take any suggestions as to how to rid myself of these symptoms!

...Oh sorry -- just fell asleep at my desk again...


Dusty said...

I use a prescription med Singular. It really works and doesn't make you drowsy. You only take it once a day too.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

My adivce is to move out of PA ASAP.

Stephen said...

Damned > If you do ( take Allergy ZZZ Med's ) and Damned if you don't > Because Allergies Steal your ZZZ's.

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Sorghum Crow said...

You might try using local honey, or taking local bee pollen. That is supposed to help, sort a natural version of allergy shots.
I hate taking allergy meds, but Claritin is the least sleep inducing for me.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sorry, I am no help whatsoever. But I can offer my sympathy and hope for a quick return to winter for you.

Pissed in NYC said...

Prescription stuff doesn't work for me, but Advil Cold & Sinus...a wonder drug. Only thing, you have to give some ID to buy it even though it is over the counter. Apparently an ingredient (the same thing that's in sudafed) is used by people to make meth. I also heard that getting a latex pillow is helpful, because dust mites can't live in latex (which is natural).

dguzman said...

Dusty--thanks for the recommendation.

Dr. M--I'm trying!


SorCrow--I've heard that. I'll try it--I love honey! Claritin didn't help at all when I lived in Texas and started developing similar symptoms.

Barbara--no! No more winter! I'll suffer! I wanna wear shorts!

PiNY--I got some Sudafed PE last night, and it's amazing! I think I may have found a "cure" (even if I have to take it every four hours).

Sorghum Crow said...

Delia dear, I have a solution. You can move to the west coast of Washington where it rains about a bazillion inches a year and washes all the pollen out of the air.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Netty pot?
Just try some regular pot.
Your allergies may not go away but you'll be too busy watching TV and snacking to worry about it.

dguzman said...

SorCrow--I'm hoping it'll be slightly better in the very dry wine country of Sonoma County.

Zip--now you know I'm a "just say nope!" kinda gal. But hey--that means more for you and Randal.