Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Texas recap

Back from Texas, back at work, and back to the freezing cold. All week long in San Antonio, I wore shorts and t-shirts and enjoyed the sunny rays of 80ish-degree days. Sigh. Alas, this morning, my car's thermy read 11 effing degrees. ELEVEN.

I had a great time hangin' with the 'rents and my brother and sisters, ate tons of Mexican food, and saw some vultures gettin' it on. We visited the Alamo and the River Walk, toured and stayed in my parents' new house in a new town, and pretty much goofed off all week. The sun was so bright I had to buy sunglasses!

My parents, who hate Chimpy and all his criminal friends just as much as I do, and I watched Obama's speech, but I couldn't stay up for Bobby Jindleberry's "rebuttal." My parents told me it was a total hoot. So much for "the future of the republican party!" Ha ha -- party's OVER, bitchez!

Karen Zipdrive, whom I met for the first time in person, and I had dinner at a really great restaurant, La Fonda something or other. Two good margaritas and some great spinach enchiladas later, we had coffee at a gay coffeehouse/hangout! WOW--who knew San Antonio was so progressive!? Check her bloggy for full and lurid details! And yes, I really did think she'd be "a lot more profane, crustier and crankier" in person, and NO--she shouldn't change her bloggy style one teeny bit! (And no, she wouldn't let me take a picture!). She even met my mom, who loved her immediately for her flawless Spanish and thus trusted this stranger to bring me back alive and unharmed (mostly).

As much as I missed Niblet and being home with friends, I really didn't want to leave. Who would? Mommy's cooking, jokin' around with the fam, warm temps, and no job to worry about -- it was like heaven!

Still, all good things must come to an end. Here are a few pics:

Mr. Turkey Vulture steppin' fer his future baby-mama

Mary getting Warbler Neck™ (and kinda nauseated) from watching birds through binocs

Me and my cute mommy at the Alamo (photo by my dad)

Me and most of the family (photo by Ricardo Guzman)

Back here at the coalmine, Niblet and I are consulting with a new vet about his ear condition/abcess (dangit! I just remembered I was supposed to call his vet today to actually CONSULT! dangit!). Keep your fingers crossed that it's just a simple surgery and he'll come out okay. I'm confident, because he's just so healthy and happy otherwise, that he'll come through it just fine.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You and your family look so cute! Glad you had a nice trip. Welcome home.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Thanks for the props- that was a fun meet-up.
Here's to many more.

Anonymous said...

I had to interview some folks from San Antonio once. They had to postpone because of an emergency, though. It was Sunday morning and there was no hairspray in the house.

CDP said...

You and your family are gorgeous, but your mom is ADORABLE. I hope Niblet is OK!

CDP said...

You and your family are gorgeous, but your mom is ADORABLE. I hope Niblet is OK!

Randal Graves said...

Only a Cowboys football fan would hate the cold. ;-)

Oh, did you find Pee-Wee's bike in the basement?

dguzman said...

Dr. Monkey--thank you! It's good to be home, but I miss the family.

Zip--thanks for your oh-so-generous props as well. It was fun!


CDP--isn't she the cutest!?

Randal--Nope, but Jimmy cracked corn and I don't care.

FranIAm said...

It took me this many days to get the courage to find out about your visit with Karen Zipdrive... Either that or I just suck as a blogfriend.