Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Natasha Richardson, wife of Liam Neeson, dead at 45?

Nothing on the googles yet, but according to some smarmy British reporter on Faux Nooz and the Faux Nooz web site, Natasha Richardson has been declared "brain dead" after suffering injuries in a skiing accident in Canada and will be taken home to New York, where they'll take her off life support.

Wow. According to reports,
A spokeswoman for the Mont Tremblant ski resort said Richardson, 45, was conscious and showed no signs of a serious head injury after she fell on a beginner run on Monday while in the company of an experienced instructor.
Lyne Lortie said the Tony-award-winning actress was in the middle of the private lesson when she suffered what appeared to be a relatively unspectacular fall.
While Richardson seemed fine, the ski patrol wanted to take a closer look so she was taken to the bottom of the hill by sled, Lortie said.
“She showed really no visible sign of injury and she was talking and showed absolutely no sign of confusion,” she said.
“It was right in the middle of the slope so she didn’t hit anyone or a tree. It was a fall as anyone can do. It wasn’t a violent fall at all.”

Must've been internal hemorrhaging. Wow. This is really sad. She did a lot of fundraising for HIV/AIDS research, and I always thought she was a talented actress. Poor Liam Neeson.


pissed in NYC said...

Hope it isn't true. I feel sorry for her kids...the whole family. It shows you how quickly things can change.

dguzman said...

PiNY--indeed. It's incredibly tragic. We can only hope that the reports were wrong (by Faux Nooz? Shocking!).

coffee maker said...

Natasha's passing is a shock indeed; it's a reminder that we should live everyday like it's our last