Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Teh quick hits!

The headlines are hilarious, but…
Palin linked to Obama death threats”—a little misleading. Palin herself hasn’t called in any threats or anything, but the Secret Service is now officially “blaming” Palin for the escalation in death threats against our new president. According to a story in the India Times, “Palin's demagogic tone may have unintentionally encouraged white supremacists to plan attacks on the future president of the US.” Ooooh, that’s harsh!
Still, I’m SURE it was unintentional; when she repeatedly screeched that President Obama was “palling around with terrorists,” I’m sure she didn’t mean it to sound like an accusation or an incitement to her audience. It’s not like she sensed the mood of the wackos and freaks at her rallies and took advantage of it or anything, consequences be damned. And all those freaks shouting, “Kill him!” at the rallies are equally innocent, right?

Speaking of Failin’
You know, she may be done politically, but the hilarity continues! She told Faux Nooz’s Greta van Manface that she “would have been happy to have worn my own clothes from day one.” Indeed! So we would've seen her campaigning in her t-shirts, her snow jacket, her hunting clothes, and sweatshirts. Hey--I'm no fashion snob! I'd pay to see those campaign commercials! Of course, now she's blaming the stylist for the whole clothing debacle.

And one more Failin’ note
In an interview with the Washington Post, Palin blamed the McGramps/Failin’ loss on three factors: “money, the Hispanic vote and "that 'R' by our name.” Glad to know that me and my people were responsible for saving the country from the warmonger and the Barbie doll! If anyone else wants to thank me or mi jente for anything, please feel free! ¡Muchas gracias!

Harry Reid just pisses me off
You know, for a guy whose Web site says “Give ’Em Hell, Harry,” Harry Reid is one of the biggest wafflers and double-talkers in the Senate. Read this little discussion with CNN’s John King, and note how Reid can talk tough one minute, saying that “of course” Ted Stevens (F-elon) will be kicked out of the Senate, but then when asked about Traitor Joe Lieberman, he calls him “one of the most progressive people ever to come from the state of Connecticut.” The fucker actively campaigned against the democratic candidate, repeated repug lies about him, and basically hasn’t apologized for it. He’s been a repug in everything but name only. But he's one fo the most progressive people from CT? Who the fuck else lives there, Harry--Hitler? Palin? Cheney? Voldemort? Ralph Reed?

Last time I checked, CT went BLUE for Obama. Lieberman’s just a repug in independent’s clothing. Look for him to declare that he’s switching to the repug party before the year is out.

Obama meets with Chimpy and checks out The House
Just how patient and cool is Barack Obama? He sat through a “meeting” with Chimpy, pretending to give a shit about anything that Chimpy had to say. Then he endured a tour of the White House from Chimpy and Pickles.
I’d love to have an Obama Zipdrive diary entry on that day, man! Official WH liar and Scully-wannabe Dana Perino said the tone of the meeting was “constructive, relaxed and friendly.” I guess if Obama had done what he probably wanted to, which was put his foot up Chimpy’s ass, Perino would’ve added, “collegial.” Note Michelle's fabulous outfit vs. the Pickles frump. Point, Michelle!

In the immortal words of Dr Monkey von Monkerstein…
"Brit Hume has lost his mind." His damned mind, Monkey; he's lost his damned mind. I think the only “amazing” thing about Bush’s presidency is that we’re all still alive and there's still food on the shelves of our grocery stores, given how badly he’s fucked up and how many people he’s murdered with his wars.


GETkristiLOVE said...

BTW, are you as excited as I am to see how First Lady Michelle brings back fabulous fashion to the White House? We haven't had someone with as much class and grace since Jackie O, and I'm anxious to see what trends she inspires.

FranIAm said...

Brit Hume - file under dumb, angry fuck.


But GKL is right, I will focus on the positive, class and grace. OK, no more F-bombs. Plus who wants to sound like Joe Scarborough.

Randal Graves said...

Um, fran, what's wrong with dropping some fucking f-bombs now and then?

dguzman, if vous espangols have that much power to where you can change election outcomes, how 'bout giving a boost to my Browns? Thanks! Oh that's right, you're a Cowboys fan, and therefore, evil. Nevermind.

Dean Wormer said...

I don't like all the fucking swearing above.

It upsets my delicate ears.

That said: you're absolutely dead on about Reid/ Lieberman.

Anonymous said...

It seems that our Sarah is determined to talk herself into a bigger ditch. I love her. Such fun to take aim at.

As to Lieberman, Obama seems to have indicated he wants him in. Something like "keep your enemies closer" I suspect. sigh...

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I thank you and your people for keeping Failin out of the White House. I also thank you for the link.

enc said...

"Faux Nooz"

Oh, that IS FUNNY.

Liberality said...

give 'em hell yourself there girlfriend. harry ought to take lessons from you ;)

dguzman said...

GKL--totally! Finally, a First Lady we can admire! That hasn't happened since, who, Ladybird?

Fran--good one!

Randal--why do you think the BROWNS fare so poorly! Hello!

Dean--hee hee hee--thanks!

FeatherAdrift--that makes sense, I guess, but I'd rather see him join his buddies at Gitmo. Then we abandon the place, and they're stuck there.

Dr.M -- anything for you, amigo!


Lib--hee hee! HELL to them!