Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Old business on Fox Nazi Channel

Am I the only one who, forced to watch Faux "news" channel at work, noticed their election ads that ended with the tagline, "The most powerful name in politics"? Since when did a "news" network claim they were in politics? Since Fox, obviously. However, before I remembered to mention this crazy ad to you, loyal reader, I noticed yesterday that their latest ad ends with "The most powerful name in news."

I guess if you've decided you're going to lie for a living, you're going to live for lying--all the damned time. They even claim in these ads to be the "Number One news source." Of course, they just said that, with no further qualification or clarification or documentation. Guess maybe they're number one in Brit Hume's book.

Speaking of Brit Hume, didn't he used to be a legitimate reporter for one of the major networks, maybe ABC? Was he always a partisan moron or did he just sell out when Faux came along?


FranIAm said...

Yes once upon a time he was at ABC and did not show his partisan stripes. Now he is just an angry, bitter man!

Randal Graves said...

You would be angry and bitter too, if you had to interview the likes of Mark Foley(D), John McCain(D and Ted Stevens(D).

CDP said...

I also vaguely remember Hume as a legitimate reporter, as opposed to administration mouthpiece. I've never actually seen him on Fox News, but the news radio station I listen to interviews him and he might as well be the White House press secretary

Sorghum Crow said...

You have to watch Faux News at work? Do you work at the White House?
Maybe you should invest in one of those universal remotes so that you can surreptitiously change the channel.

dguzman said...

Nice to see my memory is correct! What a sellout.

Distributorcap said...

hume was probably in the nazi closet at abc --- when fox came along in 1997 (or around there) with ailes at the helm, he couldnt jump ship fast enough

same with Chris Wallace --- whose father is the very liberal (and jewish) Mike Wallace

go figure