Monday, October 01, 2007

Not feeling too optimistic today

Every day that the struggle goes on in Myanmar, we learn more and more about what’s really happening there. From the beginning, I figured the news reports were probably revealing only half the truth; after all, it’s difficult if not impossible for journalists to get into Myanmar to see and talk to the people involved in the protests against the military junta’s rule.

It seems that expecting “half the truth” was being overly optimistic. The stories go from bad
in Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now!: (“as many as 500 monks were taken away in military trucks” and “military forces have killed at least eight people”)
to worse in the UK’s Daily Mail: (“Thousands of protesters are dead and the bodies of hundreds of executed monks have been dumped in the jungle, a former intelligence officer for Burma's ruling junta has revealed.”)

Who knows what the whole truth really is, or how much worse this will get. The same goes for Darfur, and Iraq, and Afghanistan, and all the other global hotspots.

I just wonder how much longer this spinning ball of hell we live on can keep spinning before it just flies apart? And when it does fly apart, what will happen then?


pissed off patricia said...

I don't know what is in our future but our present sort of stinks.

dguzman said...

Too true, my friend.