Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Because I'm mean like that

Some things are so damned funny that you just have to laugh, no matter whose feelings you hurt. All you U of Rhode Island alums, I apologize in advance for what I'm about to do. I realize how sacred school mascots are to certain people; I mean, I live in Happy Valley, PA, where this clown is revered:

The PSU site labeled this pic as "normal push-up" -- looks more like "he shot me! that mo-fo shot me!" to me, but whatever. Anyway, all the little PSU kiddies go. fecking. nuts. for this "lion" that looks like a bear with tennis shoes on. So I have no room to talk. (Especially seeing as how I'll probably BE shot if any of these rabid PSU fans catch me making fun of the lion.)

However ...

I bring you the mascot of the University of Rhode Island, as seen on the internets:

All right now ... W. T. F. is happening here? What IS this thing? It's got ram's horns, but a dog's face. Look at it -- it's McGruff, you know it is:

And what's with the crazy stance? And the spindly arms held out like he's cruising by on his skateboard circa 1977?

Look at his little shoes:
It's like Mickey Mouse on crack.

So I had to wail on him, this sad little uncoordinated dog-ram. I'm sure there's a nice man or woman under the suit. However, I had to wail on him. Because I'm mean like that.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Worst mascots ever. said the man whose college mascot was a freakin' tornado.

vikkitikkitavi said...

You know that Nittany Lion statue that they have on campus? When I was at Penn State some frat boy took a huge dump right under the stone cat's butthole.

So that's pretty funny.

dguzman said...

Dr. Monkey--hee hee!

Vikki--WOW. I'll have to spread that story around, in the hope that someone will do it again! Or better yet, do it under the statue of Joe Pa!