Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Question for the day

How did Mike Rowe go from QVC generic guy to "Dirty Jobs" star to being a spokesperson for trucks, jeans, and paper towels to narrating every damned series on Discovery Channel, The Science Channel, and more? I mean, how do you do a gig where you talk about your girlfriend saying your "butt looks good" in these jeans on one channel, and then on another channel you're narrating a show with real scientists and telling us about supernovae and pulsars?

How is this possible? Who is this guy's agent? What the hell is so great about him? I mean, look at this schlub:Does he really know anything about black holes?

He's probably a freakin' gazillionaire.



Abu Scooter said...

Mike Rowe reminds me a lot of John Facenda, the legendary voice of NFL highlight shows from the 1980s on back. His delivery is both authoritative and folksy at the same time -- and that's no mean feat.

I would call The Deadliest Catch the breakout show that made him a star. Once that became a hit and folks found out that he was narrating, he was set.

Dr. Monkey said...

Chicks dig him.

Anonymous said...

He was starting to annoy me with his ubiquity, but then I saw him testifying in Washington the other day about the value of blue collar workers and how the country has devalued them at our own peril. So, anyone who sticks up for the little guy gets a pass from me, even if he can be a smartass.

dguzman said...

Abu Scooter--I see what you mean, but "folksy" is not what I want when I'm listening to theories on star formation or black holes.

Dr. Monkey--apparently.

Kirby--I read about that testimony when I googled him for a photo, and I respect him for that too. It's just when he does the science stuff that I really don't like it.