Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Interesting or disgusting: you decide

1. This whole Anthony Weiner weiner-pic business is pretty funny and all -- I mean, who sends sexting pics of himself in his tighty whities??? Maybe he's trolling for Jennifer Aniston?-- but what I don't understand is why the dem leadership are all calling for him to resign for his silly little panty-pics, yet repug David Vitter can buy hookers and wear diapers and somehow he still keeps his job.

The dem leadership is talking about how important it is that a congressman's constituency still respects him -- but who the hell respects Diaper-boy Vitter? But who's still kept his job through it all?
Senator Huggies 'n' Hos
More of the "it's okay if you're a republican" double standard, I guess.

2. My candidate for the most misogynist commercial of all time: the Klondike "guy listens to his wife for five whole seconds!" ad. Have you seen this? It's been all over cable TV lately, especially for some reason during all the programs I watch (Red Sox baseball, USA's series like "In Plain Sight" etc.). I'm glad to see someone at Feministing noticed it too. It's been driving me effing crazy lately. And of course the wife just talks about boring shit like visiting friends or whatever, and OH MY GOD it's so hard for the guy to listen to his WIFE. The woman he married.

How fucking stupid is he if he married someone he couldn't stand to listen to for five seconds?


Peregrin said...

I've yet to see a Klondike commercial that was any good, but this one just took the cake.

No one dares bring up Weiner to me. They can go back and explain Vitter or STFU.

Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

I hope Weiner sticks it out and doesn't resign.

dguzman said...

Peregrin--true, the Klondike commercials pretty much all suck and are almost all offensive in some way.

Dr. Monkey--me too. It's stupid for him to resign when people like Vitter, Toe-tapper Craig, etc didn't have to immediately quit and crawl under a rock.

Professor Chaos said...

Seems to me that Weiner didn't break any laws or do anything unethical. I don't think he sent the naughty pictures to anyone he wasn't already exchanging suggestive messages with. I don't see why he should resign, his constituents want him to stay.

dguzman said...

Prof Chaos--I agree. It's not like he was sending them to someone who didn't want them. Like me. Or you. Or pretty much anyone who isn't desperate to see a skinny gawky guy in tighties.

gmb said...

I hope Weiner stays just to make the democratic leadership uncomfortable. They shit on the base, let them deal with crap for a while.

Anonymous said...

His wife is pregnant with their child, and he's off sending pics of a stiffie to some co-ed? How about sad and boring. Is he using campaign finances to hush up an affair like Ensign or Edwards? Has he been caught frequenting hookers and dressing up in diapers while at the same time voting to protect "the sanctity of marriage" like Vitter? The Democratic leadership will probably ride him out of town on a rail for lying, in the meantime IOKIYAR.

I think GMB has a good point, Weiner should redeem himself by staying right where he is and call out hypocrites on both sides of the aisle.

dguzman said...

GMB--I agree. I'm sick of these double standards where repugs can do whatever the fuck they want, but dems get the shaft for anything.

Kirby--Yup, he needs to stay. He's a progressive, and there aren't a lot of those. He just needs to stick it out. Americans have short memories.