Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our latest adventure in empire

Tough to know how to feel about this latest (ahem) entanglement we're getting ourselves into. I feel for the Libyan rebels who, fresh from watching the Egyptians take out Mubarak with little or no blood, set themselves the task of taking back their country from Muammar Gadhafi (spell it however; it doesn't matter). They had a few days of success, followed by a flexing of the military muscle Qaddafi (whatever) got from (who else?) us, the Russians, whoever.

The rebels started out saying they didn't need anyone's help; now they're begging for help.

So we've gotten a UN resolution (1974, bring back Jerry Ford!) to go in and clear the decks for a no-fly zone. Only a few weeks ago, Hillary and others were screeching about how there was no WAY we'd do that because it would involve bombing!; now it's bombs away, everyone! France bomb! Britain bomb! Everybody bomb!

But remember that our role is limited! Obama's assertions that he won't involve any ground troops remind me of Georgie Sr's "read my lips: no new taxes!" pledge, especially when I read what the military guys are saying:
Vice Admiral Bill Gortney, director of the U.S. military's Joint Staff, said of the U.S. role: "We are on the leading edge of a coalition military operation. This is just the first phase of what will likely be a multiphase operation."
"first phase"? "multiphase"? Well, shit.

And what of budget cuts and government shut-downs and deficit hawks? Hey, folks, this is MILITARY spending we're talking about here. That's off limits. Now you old people and sick people and poor people -- get ready to bend over and take it up the qaddafi because we've got to cut this deficit!


Dr. Monkey said...

Disgusting isn't it.

Abu Scooter said...

This was pushed mainly by the UK and France, both of whom are currently under the control of privatizing right-wing hacks. PM Cameron (in London) and President Sarkozy (in Paris) both face unhappy publics from all their budget-cutting. I wouldn't be surprised if either of them viewed Libya as a convenient distraction. [Why not? It worked for Reagan in Grenada.]

They must have learned the lesson from Rush Limbaugh: if you yell loud enough at President Obama, and you have enough financial-sector money behind you, he'll surrender to your wishes within the week.

Yep, that's all we needed: "triangulation" on a global scale.

Liberality said...

But it's those high powered women's fault and Obama is a wuss for letting those women boss him around! Hadn't you heard from every liberal and conservative swinging dick around about that by now?

dguzman said...

Dr. Monkey--sure is.

Abu Scooter--but I've noticed that neither country is stepping up to take the lead now that Obama is backing away. I'm sure they're giggling at what a sucker Obama was.

Obama--the guy is wuss, period.