Monday, September 05, 2011

Today's random thoughts

These days, my random thoughts are all questions. I'm pretty much out of answers anymore.

1. I recently received an Obama 2012 bumpersticker and plea for more money in the mail. I stared at the sticker for some time; then I threw it away. I've been trying to decide what I'm going to do on Election Day 2012; I'm pretty much decided I'm writing in a vote for Kucinich.

Regarding my faded old "Hope" sticker from the 2008 election: My car and I were rear-ended on June 30, and the bumper was destroyed. The resulting repairs solved my problem of how I was going to get rid of the old sticker; it's gone.

Whom will you vote for in 2012?

2. The unemployment rate at the height of the Great Depression was 24.9% in 1933. Our unemployment rate today is 9.1%. What does this mean? I'm really not sure. Part of me wants to say, "why do the media insist on calling this time the worst since the Great Depression? I mean, unemployment's only 9%." I remember when I was in California, I took a photo of a headline stating that the state's unemployment had reached 12%.

Still, despite the bleak jobs outlook (NPR does a story on the jobless almost every day), my situation is pretty good. The people I know who want work have work.

What's the situation where you are?

3. I have been really weepy and down lately, and I can't get out of it. Part of it is the rainy weather and the knowledge that our climate is changing and there's no telling how many formerly snowy days will, in the future, be rainy days. A bigger part is the fact that we're coming on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I read a story earlier today that said, "most people who were glued to the news for days in 2001 now think only rarely about that horrifying day." Is that really true? Is it weird that I think about it every time I see an American flag? Every time I see a photo of Chimpy Bush or Darth Cheney? Every time I hear mention of the economy? Just today, I was listening to a story about unemployed people trying to find work and how the economy just hasn't been producing enough jobs since the crash of 2008 -- and I found myself muttering, "the economy hasn't been producing enough jobs since 9/11." But is that even true?

Are you feeling optimistic or pessimistic as we approach the anniversary of 9/11?

Your comments are appreciated.


Dr. MVM said...

I'm voting Green or writing in Kucinich. I won't be fooled again by Obama's pretty words.

Peregrin said...

It pretty much comes down to who's running against him. Odds are that the GOP candidate will be crazy-worse, so I'll likely be holding my nose as I pull the lever.

gmb said...

I'm going to write in a vote for either Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, or Harvey Milk. Unless, that is, someone runs as an independent who is worth voting for (hey, you never know).
Unemployment is much higher than 9%. That figure doesn't include people who are underemployed, working part time, or those who have given up searching. I've read that the real number is closer to 20%.
As for 9/11--trying to avoid the maudlin sentimental crap going on. I lived in the village on 9/11. I remember the smell (burnt rubber and gypsum dust), the eerie silence, the heavy veil of crushing sadness that enveloped the whole area for months on end. And I hate that there are some people who can't wait and treat the anniversary like it's a fucking party. Useful to remind the masses that we should remain afraid. No thanks, I'd rather not spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder.

dguzman said...

Dr. Monkey--I'm with you.

Peregrin--That's the other option.

GMB--I'm not living in fear, though. It's just the sadness of everything we've lost. That's what gets to me.

Johnson said...

Can you guys really blame Obama? Sure he's been disappointing, but what could he possibly do? His critics--people who hold public office--are literally working to make sure his efforts fail.
If Obama's administration has taught you anything, it should be that you guys are pretty much screwed regardless of whose name you put down.

dguzman said...

Ah, Johnson, you are a Canadian. Lucky.