Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today's daily FRIGHT

Yesterday's daily fright occurred when I opened my mailbox and saw that damned Michele Bachman cover. Holy shit.

Today's daily fright: Rick Perry is runnin' fer prezdint.

Texas is in the worst shape it's ever been in, even worse than the Bush years (but only because of Bush's presidency and the financial collapse it caused to our economy). Yet this bozo thinks he can be -- and should be -- president of these United States.

He's already got the Texas spin machines working for him. Check out this slobber-soaked quote from an SMU (that's in Dallas) professor: "'I think Perry will shoot to the top of the polls right away, and be neck and neck with Romney,' said Cal Jillson, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University in Texas" (quoted in the Telegraph article). All his little minions are busy shaking the same money trees Bush used, I'm sure.

And those trees were loaded.

(P.S. -- I googled this Jillson fellow; read his over-the-top bio here. Despite the fact that the guy "is currently at work on a book titled Lone Star Tarnished on the shortcomings of Texas public policy," he makes a supremely stupid comment like this, knowing that perception is reality in the lame-stream media and this kind of blurbomatic crap just gets echoed around the Faux Nooz echo chamber of lies.)

We'll see whether Governor Goodhair (God I miss Molly Ivins) even gets out of the box. The sad part is that, if that article I just linked to is any indication, we're going to have to endure hairdo comparisons between Romney and Perry and the rest for the next year. That alone will raise his profile among the morons who thought his little prayer and fasting rally for rain in Texas was a good idea.

Ask the poor and the teachers and the prison inmates, etc., in Texas how great things are under Perry and see what they tell you.


Anonymous said...

Half a dozen candidates, each one more pathetic than the last and now Governor Goodhair? What I want to know is how this intensely stupid and allegedly closeted Republican became the darling of the Vote with Jeebus set when they would stone his brothers in the public square?

Abu Scooter said...

In a field filled with politicians hell-bent on destroying government wherever possible, only four have proposed alternatives. Mitt Romney would fill the gap with company stores from sea to sea; Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin (yeah, she's in) and now Rick Perry would install the mega-churches as de facto rulers.

There's no way in hell the Dominionists will support the Mormon Romney. Palin has tweeted herself into irrelevance. Bachmann agrees with them, but she's a woman. Perry isn't -- and now that he's won the support of that movement's most dedicated and radical activists, I suspect that the Dominionist rank-and-file (and Bachmann) will eventually close ranks behind him. That probably reduces the GOP nomination race to a contest between Perry and Romney. Ewww.

dguzman said...

Kirby--it's amazing to me that, even after the waxing they took in 2008, the repubs can still come up with nothing better than Palin, Mittens, and now Goodhair. Talk about a party with no ideas and nothing to give this country.

Abu--I agree; Mittens can look casual all he wants. Middle America will never trust a Mormon. That leaves us with the rest of the clowns. Pretty pathetic. But then Americans are amazingly dumb.

gmb said...

If only Obama used his mandate to try the shit he promised everyone passed, because then it wouldn't matter who was running, they wouldn't have a fucking chance. Which makes me wonder if he's a Manchurian candidate. If not, he sure smells like one. Glad I don't have a tv, because I'm limiting my exposure to political bullshit--life's too short.

dguzman said...

gmb: did you read that piece in Newsweek about how much Obama reminds the writer of Neville Chamberlain? I thought it was dead on. Nothing but appeasement and compromise, and then it's war anyway.