Thursday, November 04, 2010

Be careful what you wish for

It's tempting to sign up for these "updates," isn't it?

So the repugs got what they wished for--the House--though they didn't get the Senate. Their super-way-out freaks (Angle, O'Donnell, Buck) did not win, thankfully. But Rand Paul and a lot of others did. Pennsylvania, a state that had gone blue in the last three presidential elections, now has shiny new repug governor, lt. governor, and senator.

And now we can see what the repugs do with their new-found (newly bought?) power. The Bronze Boner will take Nancy Pelosi's chair, and may the full-court press of "HELL, NO!" continue!

I'm curious to see whether they'll actually get anything done, whether it's their ridiculously vague Compact with America or Treaty with America or whatever they called it or something more radical. It's pretty easy to just say NO all the time, instead of coming up with ideas of their own, but then that's never slowed them down before.

Note: Many people are predicting the repugs will start working toward impeachment as soon as they can--anything they can do to tarnish and weaken the president even further. It's not like they need to use facts, after all -- amplified lies have been their stock in trade since Faux Nooz's first broadcast day.

It looks like they'll be crawling up the administration's ass to ensure nothing happens during the next two years, so don't expect anything productive to come out the government anytime soon.


Liberality said...

I hope their strategy backfires. However, I must confess, it feels like the dark ages to me, or civil war even. These extreme radicals are too far right to be believed and yet with Fox news to brainwash the masses, they appear to be getting their way more and more. Please, I wish the stupid would stop!!!

dguzman said...

It's felt like war since the 2000 election, Liberality. And the Stupid just goes on and on.

Kulkuri said...

You can't fix stupid, you can't cure stupid. 'Stoopid' is as 'Stoopid' does!!

dguzman said...

Kulkuri--nope, but we can't live with it either!