Monday, July 17, 2006

Is WWIII starting?

It's possible that this conflict between Lebanon and Israel will eventually become World War III. It wouldn't surprise me, as the Chimp has successfully bankrupted and ruined every company he ever ran, the formerly great state of Texas, and the once-decent United States, that the Chimp would kick it up another notch and just go ahead and work his "magic" on the whole freakin' world. Why not? If there's one thing GW knows how to do, it's fucking things up royally.

I don't believe in god. As such, I don't believe in an "anti-christ." But if I did, and if there were an anti-christ, I think we all know who'd emerge in that role. Though I always got the sense from those "Omen" movies that he'd be sexier. And smarter.

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