Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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Iraq Told To Rebuild Itself
By William Fisher
28 March, 2006
Last week’s announcement that Iraq will now have to pay for its own reconstruction has left some observers wondering whether the yet-to-be-formed government there will be up to the task.
Iraq's deputy finance minister, Kamal Field al-Basri, said it was "reasonable" for the United States to sharply cut back its reconstruction efforts after spending about $21 billion. "We should be very much dependent on ourselves," al-Basri said in an interview the American newspaper, USA Today.

"REASONABLE"????? How deep in Bush's pockets is THIS guy?!

Now I guess Bush will just wash his hands of the whole mess and think he can come out smelling like a rose. The sad part is that these idiot bush-backers will probably be all for cutting funding---wouldn't want to throw good money after bad, of course!--without a thought to what will happen when the Iraqis say 'enough is enough--you can't come in here, wreck the place, then leave and expect us to fix it.' Bush's popularity will surge upward again, because he's so "tough" and "fiscally responsible."

I feel like a really bad time is coming--where Iraq will simply implode under its own weight. I mean, no one over there even has reliable electricity, water, etc.--how in the world are they supposed to make all this happen? Of course we can't keep pouring money in there, but why did we pay Halliburton/KBR all those millions? They couldn't even get clean water for our own soldiers, for pete's sake, much less for the whole country! And they've rebuilt NOTHING. I think all they did was build our new military bases. Obviously, William Rivers Pitt was right--mission accomplished--permanent bases completed.

A really bad time is coming. Bush is just going to begin pulling out and saying they've got to stand on their own---"oh, what a smart guy, showing them some 'tough love'! way to go, georgie!" --and the whole area will succumb to radical theocracy in no time. God knows what that will do to oil prices--but Bush et al. won't care, as they'll be making record profits from now on. As for the anger we've fomented with this war, I fear every day will be like 9/11.

Man, I'm so sick to my stomach I could puke.

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